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World of Tanks is the action filled MMO where you take the control of your favorite tank and brings it out on the battlefield in order to destroy other opponents online, it’s free-to-play model is one of the most successful around, but I don’t need to tell you all this, chances are if you found this page you’re already a World of Tanks fan and you know how great this MMO is, you don’t need me tell you that, you’re here to find some great World of Tanks t-shirts, apparel and a few other merchandise and accessories that’s available to buy online, I hope you find something interesting on this page, and feel free to leave a comment down at the bottom if you have any suggestions of World of Tanks items, merchandise or t-shirts that I should feature in this list.

(You can click every image of this page and you’ll then get directed to the store where it’s located, there you’ll find more pictures and all the info you need, also please note that this WoT post contains affiliate links, which means Foxygamer may get a small commission from sales directed from this post via the affiliate links)

WOT merchandise

World of Tanks T-shirts and Apparel

We start off with some WoTs T-shirts and hoodies with designs and motives from the official WoT merchandise store. You can choose from t-shirts with the WoT logo on, or maybe a tshirt with the Sixth Sense logo on, in a very dashing and bright orange. My personal favorite is the “Let’s go camping” t-shirt, loving the motive, the colors and of course the message, because we all know camping is for winners, mhmm…

Like I said before all the t-shirts are from the official store and supplier, Jinx gaming store, they’re known for their epic gaming t-shirt and other gaming related merch and clothing, they might not have the loves prices but trust me, you’re getting quality if you decide to get any t-shirts from this store. Click the images for more info.

World of Tanks Stickers, Mugs and Key Chains

Here comes a bunch of items all from the official WoT store, key chains with the World of Tanks logo, Camo mug perfect for late night gaming or choose from a few stickers with the logo for the game. The selection of different merchandise for this game isn’t great I must admit but just have a look around and see if they’re something for you in the store, you might find something you like. Show the world you’re a true hardcore fan for this game and show it with style!

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