The Best places to buy Video Game & Gaming Merchandise

We all know that gaming and video game fans are some of the most hard core fans you can get out there (if you don’t include Twilight & Beiber fans of course, they’re really serious) Gaming fans don’t just want to play the game, they want to hear the soundtrack, get the shirt, play with the toys and have a life size replica of their favorite video game hero in their living room, well this is what some gaming fans think at least. So where to get all this epic loot? In this post I’ll show you some of the best places that you can buy Gaming merchandise, everything from figures, posters, t-shirts and much much more, pretty much everything you need in order to feed your inner geek. No time to waste, I’ll start right away with this list of The best places to buy Video Game & Gaming Merchandise.

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Gaming Merchandise




Fan made gaming t-shirts

Redbubble is a t-shirt store and a community, people come here and submits their art work, prints and designs, and then Redbubble sells those prints on t-shirts, it’s a pretty sweet concept that allows some pretty original gaming t-shirts to come alive, of course there’s also a lot of crap in this store, more crap then in most other stores really, but there’s still plenty of amazing video game t-shirts on the site.

My best advice is just to search using the search tab of Redbubble then sort your results accordingly to popularity, that will bring you the best t-shirts in many cases. They have t-shirts from most big games, just think which games have a great fan base and you can be sure to find t-shirts for that game on Redbubble. Zelda, Portal, any Valve game, Bioshock and many many more.

Check out Redbubble over here


Gaming Toys, T-shirts and Gadgets

Thinkgeek is one of the best and well sorted geek and gaming store filled with cool, epic, weird and fun merchandise for geeks. They are more toys and gadgets oriented but they also have a few gaming t-shirts laying around. It isn’t only just video game and gaming merchandise on ThinkGeek, there’s also a sea of different kind of geek toys and gadgets. The prices on Thinkgeek are decent and they also have special deals now and then, discounts and free shipping for example, worth singing up for their newsletter to get updates when those sales occur

They have a section for Minecraft, Portal, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek and many other games, tv shows and movies.

Click here to head over to ThinkGeek


Clothing inspired by Video Games and Geek Culture

Jinx is a clothing and t-shirt store filled with epic clothing that’s inspired by gaming and video games. There’s even a few official merchandise stores for some top games here, for example Minecraft t-shirts and merchandise store is located at Jinx, there you can find everything Minecraft related, toys, t-shirts and posters. The World of Tanks official store is also located here, they got some pretty nice WoT t-shirts and key chains here for example. That’s just two many section you can find on Jinx gaming store, you’ll find sections for a variety of other games, filled with mostly t-shirts.

Jinx is known for their quality designs and t-shirts, the price tags are a bit higher then most places but it’s worth it if you ask me, they also have a reward system where you can earn free stuff from their store by buying stuff from their store and using the site in general (like commenting and submitting pictures) worth checking out if you’re going to be a frequent shopper on Jinx.

Click here to head over to Jinx store

A few examples of T-shirts and Toys from Jinx


Other Gaming Merchandise Posts

In the best we done plenty of collection posts of merchandise for a bunch of different games, in the posts I collect all my favorite gaming merchandise for a specific game, all the t-shirts, toys, figures and posters a true gaming fan would ever need.

Portal Merchandise.Everything from companion cube cookie jars, t-shirts with turrets, cubes and other Portal 1 & 2 designs.
Bioshock Merchandise.Merchandise from Bioshock 1,2 & Bioshock infinite, plenty of toy figures for this game series, also some pretty good looking t-shirts and clothing.
Dota 2 T-shirts, Figures and Toys.Valve’s latest game has already plenty of great merch, everything from t-shirts, toys and of course some high quality swords and figures.
Minecraft Merchandise – T-shirts, Toys and Posters.Minecraft has a huge selection of merchandise, more then most games, get some colorful and pixel t-shirts or why not get some life size weapons from the game, worth checking out if you’re fun of this pixel filled game.
Team Fortress 2 Merch – T-shirts, Toys and Figures.Last but not least is the long running FPS game TF2. Team fortress 2 has also a bunch of great t-shirts and merchandise. My personal favorite? The cute, cuddly and pink Ballonicorn.



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