The Last of Us Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters and more

Naughty Dogs adventure action survival game has gotten a lot of love from all over the game world, game critics, game lovers and pretty much anyone who touch this fantastic game. And with all great games the fans will come, Naughty Dog already have their fair amount of fans from their past game series like Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted, but with The Last of Us they received a even larger fan base, a fan base craving for the Last of Us merchandise like t-shirts, posters and anything that they can get their hands on.

So where can you find all this epic Last of Us merch? It can be a bit tricky to find the great loot amount all the rubbish out there, but fear not, Foxygamer is here to help, we have listed the best The Last of Us merchandise that you could ever want to own. We listed the best t-shirt, figures, toys, gadgets and other stuff that every Naughty dog fan would ever want to own. Down below you’ll find a bunch of merchandise, you can click each of the items to get to the store that’s selling that specific merchandise, there you’ll find more info, better picture and info on where you can buy it. Sounds good right? Let’s begin.

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the last of us merchandise

The Last of Us T-shirts

Here’s some The Last of Us t-shirt from the t-shirt and prints store Redbubble, they got a great selection of prints and designs made by other members of the site, down here can you find some of my personal favorites from their store. I really like the “Clickers!” t-shirt with Ellie and Joel drawn in a sweet cartoon style and Ellie looking all bad ass with her knife, me like.

Also one of the latest additions to the list is the one with Ellie yelling clickers, drawn in a cartoonish way with a yellow background, that one I actually drawn, I know it’s not the best one among these epic merchandise, but hey! I had fun drawing it and I acctually sold a few of them already, so I find it pretty cool that somewhere on earth somebody is wearing my last of us T-shirt, awesome.

Posters & Art prints

Next are some pretty amazing posters with Joel & Ellie, you can click each items to get a closer look. These are a mixture of art prints and posters, if you don’t know the difference you could say that the art prints are fancier with better quality (and cost more) and the posters are cheaper and not the same kind of quality, you decide what will look best for your walls, many of the posters/art down below are available in a range of different print quality and sizes, so there’s plenty of room to customize these art pieces to the way you want them, enough rambling from me, if you like anything just click it to find out more.

My absolute favorite is the Brick + Knife + Love art print with Ellie holding a big brick looking absolutely badass (as always), it dose help that Ellie probably is one of my favorite character in all the games I ever play, so tiny yet so badass. The artist behind that images is Ron Chan, a illustrator and cartoonist working in Mill Valley, CA, a very productive artist defiantly worth checking out, you can check out his portfolio website to see more of his work, found here.

These can be all found at Redbubble & Society6


The Art of The Last of Us

the last of us art book

This next item is perfect for all you out there who loves the art and design of the game, it’s a art book filled with concept sketches and art from the game with everything from character designs, landscapes and much more. You’ll also a look inside the process of the game designers when they were making the art for The Last of Us. You can expect 184 pages of amazing art work in this book. Defiantly worth buying if you love the game and what to know everything about it.

Available as Hard cover or Kindle version.


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