The Best TF2 trading sites – Team Fortress 2 Price checking, Buying & Selling

If you’re going to do some TF2 trading it’s important that you got all the right tools to help you out, there’s a lot of great websites that can help you with your TF2 trading. In this post I will list the best TF2 trading sites that every trader should know about, we’re talking Auction/Listing sites where you can buy and sell items, but also price checking websites and sites where you can find some great deals and make some fantastic profit. Let’s start the list, if you have any suggestions of your own feel free to leave the suggestion at the bottom as a comment.

tf2 trading sites

TF2 Buying & Selling sites (Listing & Auctions)


tf2outpost logo

TF2Outpost is probably the biggest and most popular place when it comes to buying & selling TF2 items, it’s your standard trading site where you can create your own classified ad where you either sell or buy something. It’s easy to use and very populated, so you know you’re listing will be seen by a lot of other traders, which is great. You can also trade other things then Team Fortress 2 items, you can trade Dota 2 items and Steam items like game gifts, trading cards and all those annoying Steam smiley and what not.

Overall a great site, this is the place to be if you want to either buy or sell any item. Recommended. You can check out their site over here; Tf2Outpost



Bazaar works very similar to TF2outpost only that Bazaar got a lot more functions then the Outpost, you still got your simple listing like TF2outpost have, with buying &selling, but there’s also some other cool features like selling your items auction style so that people can bid on your items, and then the highest bider will get the item.

Another great feature is the “Buy Now” feature, which is great for both the buyer and seller, this is how it works, if you want to sell a key just as an example, you then head over to Bazaar.tf and then makes a listing for the key, you then name your asking price, it can be anything you want, metal, items, etc etc, you can then choose to do a Buy now listing, that means that you’ll give the key that you want to sell to a Bazaar bot that will sell the item for you. So when somebody sees your listing and wants to buy your key, all they have to do is click the buy now button and a Bazaar bot will add them and trade with them. And when the item is sold you can head over to the site and just collect what you earned. This is my favorite feature on the site and it’s really a time saver, it’s great for listing a item over night, you get your item sold without doing anything.

The only downside when it comes to Bazaar.tf is that it’s not as popular as TF2outpost, less members and less traffic. It’s still a great TF2 trading site that everyone should use, it has so much potential.

You can find the site over here, Bazaar.tf – Buying & Selling

TF2 Trading Post

tf2 trading post logo

Trading post is yet another TF2 trading websites where you can buy, sell and trade TF2 items, it’s similar Bazaar & TF2 Outpost without all the cool features, it’s a easy to use website with a lot of members and trades going on. Not that much to say about the Trading post really, it’s a good site if you want to do some trading, but if you ask me I would rather use either Bazaar or TF2outpost instead, but that’s just me I guess, have a look at it and see if it’s something for you. Or you can always use all 3 websites and list items on them all, great way of getting some exposure for your trade listings.

You can find TF2 Trading Post over here, TF2 Trading Post

Sites to help you make a profit & Find good deals

Making a profit and finding those great deals can be tricky, there’s so many listings on all the trading sites that it can get a bit confusing, and most good trades are over fast, within just a few minutes, so how do you find those great deals that you can make profit on? Here are a few websites that can help you on the way.

Trade.tf – Helps you find those good deals

Trade.tf is probably one of the most powerful sites on this list, it isn’t like any other TF2 trading site out there, apart from having their own Price list of all the items in TF2, with their own updated prices and all they got a feature that’s called Good Deals, this is a feature that scans all the major trading sites, backpack.tf, bazaar.tf, dispenser.tf,  tf2deal.ru, tf2outpost.com and tf2tp.com, and checks for good deals, they cross check all the listings on these sites with a price list on backpack.tf, and checks if the listing is a good deal and how good it is, you can search for any item you want and sort listings after how much profit you can make from buying it. The good deals feature has a 5 minute delay.

trade.tf logo

And if you have the premium membership of Trade.tf (1 key/month) you can get the feature Live Deals, which is a more advanced feature then the Good deals one that has no delay, all the listings pops up here with in seconds, here you’ll get a page that updates by itself with new listings from all the sites, you can sort the results by how much profit you should make by buying the item, or sort by craft number, level or if it should painted items or not. It’s a very powerful tool, both the Good deals and the Live deals feature, you can find some great deals here and making a profit using this site is extremely easy, give it 10 minutes and you’ll find a bunch of great deals already, but you need to be fast, the best deals that can make you the most profit goes away fast, there’s plenty of other traders lurking around to make some profit.

But these tools doesn’t have to be used to make a profit or to buy items to resell, you can simply use it to search for hats and items that you want to buy, and help you find the best prices on all the trading sites. I really recommend buying the premium membership, every serious trader should consider getting the premium membership.

And that’s just one of the awesome features of the site, I haven’t even mentioned the Steam Alerts features that gives you a chat message when items of your choice just been listed somewhere, but I let you explore that one by yourself.

You’ll find Trade.tf by clicking here;


Price checking your items.

There’s really just a few major sites when it comes to price checking your items, I would suggest you check out each of the sites that I recommend and then pick the one that you like the most, no need to use them all, pick a favorite and stick to it. I’ll start off with my personal favorite site when it comes to Price checking, Backpack.tf

Backpack.tf – Price checking & sell listing

backpack.tf logo

On Backpack.tf you can search for pretty much any TF2 item that there is, and check what the price is for it. They got a great interface and very user friendly. All the prices are suggested by the members of the community, then everyone can vote on the suggestion if the sites should change price, it’s a system that works pretty good, but it isn’t perfect. And like with all price lists of TF2 items you should take the prices with a grain of salt, they’re just suggestions after all.

Another great feature of Backpack.tf is that you can list your items for selling, the website has some great traffic so listing your item on Backpack.tf is defiantly a great move if you want your items getting sold.

Check out the site over here, Backpack.tf

TF2 SpreadSheet


Next up is TF2 SpreadSheet over at TraderEmpire, which is a list of pretty much all the TF2 items,  it’s a site with way less features then Backpack.tf but it’s still a great source when checking prices for your items. Unlike backpack.tf the spreadsheet isn’t operated by a community instead there’s a small group that updates the spreadsheet with new prices daily. On their website you can easily search for any item that you want, it’s a lightweight and fast website, perfect for when you need to check prices fast when you’re trading on a server for example. You just search the item you want to check and the price range for the item will pop up including some basic information about the item.

Worth checking out, you’ll find their website over here; TF2 Spreadsheet


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