List of TF2 Trading Servers

There’s plenty of ways to trade in Team Fortress 2, there’s countless of auction and web sites where you can trade items with other users, but you can also do it on the “old fashioned way” with “face-to-face” trading on trading servers. Trading server are pretty much a place for people to yell out what they want to trade, it’s can be a rather hostile place to trade with a ton of rude traders, but it can also be a fantastic place where you can get some real bargains from people that wants to make some quick and easy trades.

As always when trading make sure you’re not overpaying on the items you’re trading, and don’t get rushed or bullied into trading with somebody, take your time and be patient with finding a good buyer or seller, but I’m sure you know all about that, what you’re looking for is a list of good trading servers where you can make some nice profit on, and that is what you’re going to get. I’ll start with a few TF2 Trading servers and then I’ll move on showing you how to get a huge list of trading servers.

TF2 trading servers

DARKLY TF2 Trading Servers

The Darkly TF2 trading servers are located in USA so keep that in mind and consider what time zone you and other people are in. There’s usually plenty of people on these 14 servers. Link to the server list

MultiPlay TF2 Trading

Over at Multiplay’s TF2 section they got a ton of different servers, including 5 trading servers, both in Europe (British) and the USA, both places are usually pretty crowded with people who’s looking to trade.

Here’s a list of all the Multiplay’s servers, just scroll down the list and you’ll find the trading servers, just click the server links in order to join the servers. Found here.

TF2 Outpost

This is one of the biggest and best trading/auction sites for TF2 items and the site has a great number of members posting different items all the time, TF2 Outpost also have their own TF2 servers, just head over to their website and to the top right corner you’ll see a button looking like a lightning bolt, click that button and you’ll see the trading servers TF2 Outpost has, at the moment there’s 4 servers. TF2 Outpost Homepage

How to find huge lists of TF2 Trading Servers

Apart from these servers I suggest you use the ServerBrowser.net website, it’s a great tool for finding servers for a bunch of games, including Team Fortress. All you need to do in order to use this tool is to head over to ServerBrowser.net then click the popular tab and find Team Fortress 2 in the menu to the left, click TF2 and now you’ll only see a bunch of TF2 servers, what we need to do now is sorting all these servers so that it only displays Trading servers. You find a tiny box called Quick Search over at the top right, here you can filter the servers on the list so that it only displays severs with the keywords you enter here, so type in “Trading” or “Trade” in the box.

Now you’ll see a list filled of trading servers that you can join and start trading in. If you want to join any of the servers just right click the server and choose “Connect to Server”, it’s that easy, fantastic resource for finding tons of trading servers. Of course the in-game server browser in TF2 also works, but I find that this works much better for me, it’s easier to get a overview of all the servers and there’s also easier and faster to search for servers.

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