Team Fortress 2 T-shirts – The Best TF2 Shirts

There’s quite a few Team Fortress 2 t-shirt out there to buy, but that’s no wonder considering the amount of fans this Valve game has after more then 5 years since the launch. And the tf2 t-shirts that you can get isn’t like most gaming t-shirt, most gaming shirts comes with the logo of the game and that’s it, but the TF2 t-shirts got some creativity and they got some fun actually, and I guess we have Valve and their epic sense of humor that shines through out the whole game and everything around it.

But I haven’t forgot all the fan made t-shirt prints that’s out there also, this post of Team Fortress 2 t-shirts will mostly be about the t-shirt that are made by the ones that love and play the game, because TF2 has some of the best fan made gaming art out there! (the Portal fans might be a bit better though)

I won’t include the t-shirts from the official Valve store because I’m guessing most of you already seen them and honestly they’re not that fun..

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TF2 T-shirts from Redbubble T-shirt Store

I’ll start off with some fan made t-shirt from Redbubble, Redbubble is a store where designers and ordinary people like you and me come and uploads their t-shirt designs on the site in order to sell them on t-shirt, the company behind Redbubble then dose all the printing, manufacturing and shipping of the t-shirt, it’s a fantastic harmony of creativity and cash. My personal favorite is the Medic bird yelling medic, but that may be because I made *bragging*, I’m a die hard TF2 fan and I been for many years now so it was only natural that I made some fan art of my own really. If I should ignore my own art my other favorite must be the Game of Hats t-shirt, a mixture of Game of Thrones and TF2, it’s a fantastic mashup really, and if you play the game you really get the shirt, people sure are crazy about their hats.

You can click the image thumbnails to go to the Redbubble TF2 Store to get a bigger picture and get more information about all these t-shirts.

J!nx TF2 T-shirt Section

The store J!nx have a lot of clothing for all us gamers and geeks, they got a huge Minecraft section filled with t-shirt for example, sadly they haven’t got a lot of Team Fortress 2 t-shirt, but at least they got a few t-shirts, and you can see them down below. Just click the small pictures to get to the store.

Team Fortress 2 T-shirts on CafePress

Last but not least there’s CafePress that actually have a few t-shirt epic TF2 shirts. Cafepress has a similar deal with it’s members as Redbubble do, people upload their designs and Cafepress dose the rest. Down below you can find some of my favorite TF2 prints on the site, mostly Heavy t-shirts but I guess that’s because the Heavy is one of my favorite classes in TF2, I guess it’s the big gun, I love big guns!

If you click these images you will get directed to each of these designs on Cafepress. Happy browsing, I hope you find something nice.

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