List of Resident Evil/Biohazard Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters and Figures

The Resident Evil or Biohazard series started way back in 1996 with it’s first game, since then a huge amount of new games has been released and Capcom has created a massive media franchise around Resident Evil with movies, TV series,  comic books and merchandise, that a huge fan base of the game both hate and love. This list is all about the merchandise of Resident Evil, I will list some of my favorite merchandise that can be found online, all from posters and prints to T-shirts, among many things. I hope you find something worth checking out on this page, whenever you’re looking for something for yourself, a gift or just want to browse around and see what kind of Resident Evil merchandise there is.

I’ll start off with Resident Evil T-shirts in this list and move onto posters for this game. If you find anything you like you can simply click the images and you’ll get redirected to the store that sell that specific merch.

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T-shirts from Redbubble & Amazon

Here’s a mixture of cute, beautiful and funny t-shirt inspired by this game series, how about a tasty Jill Sandwich on your shirt? Or a t-shirt with game art from RE5. There’s not that many to choose from really but there’s a few. Some of these are made by fans and can be found at Redbubble and those at the bottom that have more of a official game art design you can get over at Amazon.

If you have any suggestions of your own when it comes to Resident Evil stuff, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page, I’m always looking to expand my lists and I would love to support more artist doing fan art.


Resident Evil/Biohazard posters and art prints

We’re moving onto Resident Evil posters and things to make your walls more bad ass. My personal favorites are the two first Biohazard 2 posters for sure, these beautiful pieces of fan art are made by Gallant designs, love how they took their freedom and made something creative but still kept it relevant to the Resident Evil series. Another favorite of mine must be the Resident Evil 2 wall art, but that’s mainly because of nostalgic reasons, RE2 was the first Resident evil game I played and I still hold it very dear to my heart and it’s probably my favorite game in the series to this day.


Resident Evil 5 & 6 Figures & Toys

Here we have a few Resident Evil action figures for you to play or display, most of these figures come either from RE5 or RE6. These figures just look good but they come at a pretty high price though, I know real fans will think it’s worth the money, and I can agree on that, but just keep it in mind that these figures cost quite a bit, so you don’t get shocked when you check them out over at their store game. My favorite among these figures is probably the Chris Redfield even though he’s looking pretty ridicules with his huge biceps popping out.


Misc Merchandise

The last category is for all the Resident Evil merchandise that didn’t fit in any of there other categories. We’ll start off with a Jill Valentine Iphone case in a nice RE retro style, it doesn’t matter what version of Iphone you have, there’s cases suiting all of them. Next we have the extremely creepy Nemesis Latex Mask inspired by the game series, it’s a handmade mask crafted with great details in Latex, you can check out a video of the mask in the bottom of this page, just skip to around 2,40 in the video if you want to see the Nemesis mask in action.

There’s also a few Resident Evil Necklaces and also a bunch of RE stickers you can get from Etsy, make sure to check those out also.

Thanks for checking out this list, and feel free to leave a comment with suggestions of RE merchandise you think I should feature.

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