The Best PS3 Racing Games

Racing games especially on the Playstation 3 can be a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of great driving and racing games for the PS3 to, there’s actually so many racing games for the PS3 it can get a but confusing, at least that’s what I thought when I wanted to get a racing game for my PS3, but if you search you will find, and I eventually I got my hands on a bunch of great games. And this post is all about what I found when I was looking for racing games, I’m here to recommend you my best ps3 racing games list, but I made it with a twist, I only included cheap racing games, only games that cost $25 or less, because I don’t think it’s that  important that you buy the latest games, there’s plenty of great racing games that are a few years old and a lot cheaper.
You can get 3-4 of these cheap games for the same price if you would buy a brand new game, and the real question is, will the brand new game be 3-4 times more fun then a game that a few years old, just because it’s new? I don’t think so, the graphics might be a tiny bit better that’s about it.

All the games on this list are quality games, so don’t think that cheap is bad, cheap is great, if you’re a poor gamer as me.

PS3 Racing games

WipEout HD Fury

Fast racing from the future

Wipeout hd

If you like fast paced racing action then WipeOut is for you, this game is all about driving fast in a futurisctic and shiny setting. Think super fast Mario kart racing game with a futuristic and amazing graphic style (check out the video down below for some game play)
In WipEout HD you can play a bunch of tracks from the past Wipeout games, all the tracks have been reworked and redesigned to suit the new generation of gaming, it’s not like they put a bunch of old PS2 Wipeout stages into this game, old layout but brand new design.
In this version of Wipeout you can control your ship in a brand new way using the SIXAXIS function on the Wireless Controller, moving and tilting the controller, for me personally it’s way to hard, but it’s a cool feature none the less. Along with the high-resolution graphics draws this feature in the drivers in the game more as they fight for first place in online multiplayer modes.
In WipEout HD there’s  five game modes to choose from, there’s  Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial (games on time), Speed Lap and Zone Mode. The games has also some great music that really gets you pumped up!
Like I said before this game is fast and a bit to fast for some, you can check out the trailer down below if you want to see how the game looks like and if you want to find out more.

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

need for speed

The Need for Speed series is a long runner when it comes to racing games and are known for making some pretty amazing racing experiences, and this game isn’t a exception, the game has achieved since it’s release in 2010 tons of gaming rewards. And is one of the highest rated racing games in the MetaScore.
For the first time in Need for Speed for Speeds history, players will experience the heart-racing action of both cops and drivers. It does not matter which game mode you are running in, Hot Persuit links seamlessly together the incredibly deep single player career with the revolutionary multiplayer experience. Whether playing online with friends, taking on friends challenges or the single player career, players will reap rewards that will take them to higher levels of new cars, weapons and equipment.

If you want a good old racing game, then this is your pick, check out the trailer down below.

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Burnout Paradise

Open-world racing game

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise work a little bit different from other racing games on the market. Burnout Paradise is a open-world racing game, think Grand theft auto but racing. You get thrown into a huge city, with live traffic and events you can complete all over the city,
There’s Stunt events, where you do neat tricks with your car for points (think jump, drift, barrel roll) and there’s plenty of jumps and places to do your stunts on.
Then there’s the good old Racing Event, it’s rather self-explanatory, you race against others, first one to the finish line wins.
Takedown events is another event in the big playground of Burnout Paradise, takedown events is all about taking out your competition and making them crash, each event has a limit that you have to reach in order for you to complete the whole event, be prepared for some good old action.
There’s also a hunted style event type where you get hunted by other cars and your goal is to reach a finish line in some other part of town, just stay alive and you’ll make it.

Apart from all the events that’s just all over the city (there’s hundreds of them) there a lot of other things to do, I’m not going to spoil you anything but there’s just so much you can do in this game. And of course there’s a online mode for this game where you can play different events against people around the world. This is a must have game for the Playstation 3 if you love racing, trust me.

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The MotorStorm series on PS3


Motorstorm is one of the first games ever released to the Playstation 3. And yet it’s age it’s still one of he greatest racing games for the PS3. What it lacks in graphics and it compensates in fun. Because it’s one of the most fun racing games you’ll find. You can race with anything from a motorcycle to a big truck (and everything in between)

I’m going to recommend all the games in the Motorstorm series, because there’s actually three Motorstorm games, Motorstorm, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and MotorStorm: Apocalypse from 2011. Each of these games are great racing games, and of course the latest games have a bit more functions like refined online gameplay, more game modes and trophies for example, so I would recommend you to get one of the newer Motorstorm games if you’re interested in trying the Motorstorm series. I will included a trailer for the latest game, Apocalypse down below, enjoy!

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