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It’s now many years since Portal was released in the Orange Box by Valve in 2007, it became a instant success with the games wonderful humor and puzzling game play.The Portal family has now been expanded with Portal 2 and the fan base for the game is strong as ever. And it’s no wonder a game with such popularity and love also have a huge variety of merch, because there’s really a huge pile of Aperture Science, Portal and Portal 2 merchandise out in the internet, and it can be a bit confusing browsing around all the stores and shops, that’s why I made this post, to make finding great Portal Merchandise as easy as possible, all you need to do is browse this page and if you find something you like, then just click that pictures and you’ll get redirected to the store for that item, there you’ll find more info, better pictures, the price tag and where you can buy it. I hope you find  at least something fancy that you want or desire!

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Portal & Portal 2 T-shirts

I will start off showing some of my favorite t-shirts inspired by Portal and Aperture Science. There a huge variety of these t-shirt prints, there’s everything from quotes from the game to funny, cute and weird t-shirt, there’s also a few companion cube t-shirt and a few Portal turrets designs on these t-shirts. All the t-shirt down below is available in both male and females versions, and comes in a bunch of different colors (the t-shirt itself that is, not the print) All the t-shirt below comes from a T-shirt store called Redbubble, it’s a great t-shirt store filled with a lot of prints and designs made by ordinary people, anyone can submit their designs to the site. So these Portal shirts are pretty much made by fans for the fans.

Portal Clothing on J!nx

J!nx is a T-shirt/Clothing and Toys store that focuses on gaming and geek culture, you can find some pretty damn fantastic clothing and t-shirt over there. Down below you can see of the t-shirt prints they have in their Portal section in the store. My personal favorite from the J!nx Portal section is the Portal 2 Aperture Test Subject Track Jacket (the orange jacket down below), it looks just fantastic if you ask me, the colors is so dashing and bright, me like.


Portal Toys, Turrets and Portal Guns

Ah yes, here comes the fantastic Aperture Science gadgets and trinkets, how about a Portal gun replica? Or a lunch box/cookie car shapes as a companion cube? Sounds amazing? Yes! But it do get better, you can now even obtain your very own Portal PotatOS Science Kit filled with 17 different sound bites and flashing light, making it one of the most stunning potato you’ll ever seen. All these toys and gadgets can be found on ThinkGeek, a store that specializing in pleasing all you’re geeky needs when it comes to all sorts of item. You can click each and every image down below and it will redirect you to the specific item, there you’ll find more information about and where you can buy it.

Portal Merchandise Video

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