Buying video games for your kids or buying games in general without have any insight into the gaming world can be really tricky, and very expensive, the most common mistakes parents do when they buy vidoe games for their kids is buying games at your local toy store, in general toy stores have crazy high prices for sometimes old games, the problem with toy stores is that they don’t really know what they’re selling, the staff often don’t have the knowledge needed to sell these games, that and the fact that they can charge a lot for their video games and clueless parents will still buy them. Toy stores aren’t always bad but in my experience it’s not the best places to buy video games.

In this guide I will talk about several places where you can buy really cheap video games online (both PC , Mac and Console games), I will mostly talk about where you can buy cheap games, not which games you should buy, but I will talk a little bit about that first before I move on to where you should do your shopping.


As a parent I think it’s important to know what kind of games your kid are playing, this is might not always be that easy if your don’t have a genuine interest for video games, but I would always suggest checking out a game before buying it for your kids, no matter if your interested in it or not, don’t just trust the age limit that’s set on the game, we all have different standards of what kids should play. So my best advice would be to head over to Youtube and search for either gameplay or a review of the game you’re planning to buy, a quick search will give you plenty of videos to watch, check them out and then you can decide if it’s something you feel comfortable with your kids playing, or if it’s something your kid would enjoy playing.

Enough about what you should buy moving on to where you should buy your games. My best advice would be to avoid newly released games like the plague, these games cost a small fortune and most games drops in price a few months after the release, so either wait until the price has gone down or you can check out the other suggestion I have down below.

Video game Sales online

Video game Sales online

We all love them, sales, and there’s actually plenty of sales happening in online video game stores quite often. Steam (which is a game platform/community for PC/Mac and a online gaming store) has some of the best sales around, we’re talking 30-80% off, down below I will list some of my favorite places that have sales quite often

Steam and their Sales


Steam has no doubt the best sales when it comes to PC/Mac/Linux games, as I mentioned earlier, the sale can be as high as 80% off which is a insane bargain. But you need to time it right so that the game that you want is currently on sale, that’s when Steam wish lists comes in handy, Steam Wish lists is a tool inside Steam that helps you keep track of the games you want to buy, simply browse around Steam store and when you find a game that you want just add it to your wishlist. The best part is that Steam will send you a e-mail notification when any of the games on your wish list is on sale.

Apart from the wish list feature just keep your eyes open for the big sales that come regularly on Steam, they have huge sales usually around Christmas and summer with crazy discounts on hundreds of titles. Many people just save up their video game budget and buy all the games they want on the Steam Summer sale and then they’ll have games to play for the whole year.

And also check out my other guide here on Foxygamer, How to buy cheap Steam games, it’s something for the advanced users and something I would only recommend using if you’re already familiar with Steam.

Green Man gaming


GMG is yet another online store that sells digital copies of games for PC and Mac, similar to Steam they have some huge sales going on pretty much all the time. Always check GMG before buying game anywhere, their prices are sometimes even cheaper then Steam and many other stores. So either check out their front page for sales from time to time or join their newsletter and get updates right inside your inbox when new sales are available. Just click the link down below to head over to Green Man gaming.

Green Man Gaming


Buy games cheap and support charities


Humble Bundle is a charity/gaming store that works like this, each month different Game companies and Video game distributors put a bunch of their games up on Humble Bundle and they sell these games in bundles (usually around 5 games in each bundle) and people can “pay what they want” for these games, and when you buy games on Humble bundle you decide how much should go to charity, the game makers and Humble bundle itself, you can decide that all the money from you should go to charity for example, it’s up to you.

This site is a amazing way of getting a bunch of quality games for as low as a dollar, the fact that a huge part of the money goes to charity is also fantastic! Check out the site to see which games are being sold right now and what charities that money is going to this month.

Humble Bundle

Used games & video games

Old and used video games are something we often overlook when going on our shopping sprease, it’s easy to get a used game for much much less then a new game, we’re talking about up to 50% off, which is quite nice if you ask me, there’s a few things you need to think about though when buying used games,

The first thing you need to consider is if the game is played online, because most new games require a special code or cd-key in order to take part in the online part of the game, so make sure to see if the code is included or if any code is needed, when buying used games in a gaming store simply as the staff what is included in the game and if any online play is unavailable because it’s used.

Another thing you should check is if the game has any scratches or marks on the CD/DVD, this is usually not a problem and just because a DVD has a scratch doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, but it’s always good to double check used product before you purchase them.

Here comes a short list of places where you can buy used games;


Buying old games

New games are expensive, we all know that, but what we sometimes might forget is that new dosen’t mean better, there’s several thousands of games already relased so you don’t really have any reason to buy brand new games, what I do is I either just buy old games (6 months old or more) or I just wait for the newly released game that I want to drop in price, this usually happens within a month and the price tag will go down even more if you wait a few months more.

New games are overpriced in my opinion is my best advice would be to avoid buying new games at least for a few months, time will help you save money.

When we’re talking about old games I can’t avoid mentioning Good Old Games (GoG), GoG is a gaming store that specializing in old games for PC & MAC at extremely low prices. Getting a really old game to start for PC isn’t the easiest thing to accomplice, but with GoG everything is made very easy, no tricky installations or anything like that.

They have a gaming catalog of thousands of games (not only old games, but always cheap games, mostly under $10) so it can get a bit tricky to find the games you’re looking for in their huge store, but that doesn’t have to be a problem really, there’s plenty of reviews and descriptions for the games over at GoG, and if you feel confused I suggest you check out their top list of the most bought games, that’s a good starting point.

I’ll end this old games segment by giving you my favorite games over at GoG

  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • Theme Hospital
  • Fallout 2
  • SimCity 2000
  • Hotline Miami


All these games can be bought for less then $10 each over at Good Old Games/GoG


That’s everything I got to offer in this guide, feel free to ask any question you have in the comment section at the bottom, is there something you didn’t understand? Something you want me to clarify? Or maybe you have completely different question about buying video games that you need answering, everything goes and I will answer everything, the fox is here to help!





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