Non Violent Video games for the PS3

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a game for you’re kids or if you just for once want to play a game that doesn’t have a bunch of violence in it, this is the list for you, this is my personal favorite list of games that doesn’t involve violence for the PS3. Personally I don’t mind violent video games, as long as it’s not gory violence, but it sometimes it can gets a bit ridiculous when ALL games are about violence and fighting in some way or another, I find it a bit sad that the game designers have to turn to violence in each and every game, I can sometimes feel it’s a lazy solution for them, making a non-violent video game would force the game creators to really be creative and come up with a new and fresh gameplay that doesn’t involve shooting or punching somebody.

In this post I will list some of the best non-violent games for the Playstation 3, not all the games are suited for children, but some are. I hope you find some game you think is worth playing!

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Katamari Forever

Crazy Japaneese ball-rolling game

katamari forever

This first game is one of the most creative and unique games I ever played, the game is all about the snowball effect, in Katamari you play a tiny little character that’s rolling a ball in front of him, and your goal is to roll that ball onto things in order to get your ball bigger, a very basic concept that’s surprisingly funny thanks to creative stages and a wonderful and bright Japanese design. How about rolling up food for a Sumo Wrestler? Or starting to roll your ball in a living room filled with everyday items, and getting bigger and bigger until you can roll up huge items like buildings and cars.

What makes Katamari Forever fun is the design and settings of the game, it’s bright fun and crazy. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive after awhile but it’s still just a fantastic game, and I promise you that this game won’t be like anything you ever played before, some good old crazy fun. There’s no violence in this game, you do roll up people and animals but you won’t hurt anyone.

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Katamari Forever Trailer

Tetris for Playstation 3

The classic Puzzle game for PS3

tetris logo

This one is a classic game that have been around for many many years now, but the game series might be old but it’s still a fantastic little Puzzle game. The chances that you already know what Tetris is about are really high so I will assume you know what Tetris is about, if you don’t know you can see the video down below for some gameplay from the game.

So what’s new in the PS3 version compared with all the past versions of Tetris? There’s a bunch of new game modes you can play, like Battle mode against other players locally offline or online, where you will compete against up to 6 players at once, using different power ups to get a advantage against the other players, or you can play the marathon mode of Tetris and play as long as you can. But it’s basically the same old Tetris game that we’re used to in a new and good looking design, so if you like puzzle games or enjoyed Tetris in the past, you will probably love the Tetris for the PS3. Absolutely no violence at all in this game.

Tetris is Available on Playstation Store

Tetris for PS3 Trailer

Bejeweled 3 for PS3

Puzzle game for the Playstation 3

Bejeweled 3

Yet another puzzle game, this is game series are just a few years old but it’s already a classic Puzzle game with millions of copies sold on a variety of devices. This might not be the most challenging game out there and the game play is very simple, it’s basically a advanced game of three in a row…well basically. You are faced with a screen filled of colorful diamonds and gems, and your goal is to remove these gems and diamonds, you can drag them so that they’re three or more in a line, then the gems will explode and new gems will drop down from the top. It’s very simple game but the creators have added a verity of game modes to make this game as fun as possible. If you didn’t understand my description of the game then don’t worry, have a look at the video below and I’m sure you understand what it’s all about.

Personally I like this game better on a mobile device with a touch screen, ipad or iphone, it runs a bit smoother on those devices, but the game is still a lot of fun on the PS3 and I can assure you there will be no blood, violence or anything even near that in this game.

Bejeweled 3 is Available on Playstation Store

Bejeweled 3 for PS3 Trailer

Theme Hospital

A classic fun management simulator

Theme Hospital logo

This next game isn’t actually a PS3 game, it was released for Playstation one and PC many years ago but it’s now available on the Playstation Store so you can play the game on the PS3. In Theme Hospital you’re job is to run and manage a hospital, you can see some similarities with other games like Sim City, Theme Park world or Roller coaster Tycoon, it’s the same building and management in this game. You have limited space where you need to build different treatment facilities, offices and other room you would find in a Hospital. The design and feel of the game is very fun and cartoonish, don’t expect a realistic Hospital simulator when playing Theme Hospital, the patient that are seeking help in your hospital has a variety of made up conditions and diseases, like the bloating head diseases where the patient has a huge balloon head, and in order to treat those patient you need a special treatment room where you pop the patient’s head with a needle and then pump the patient’s head up with air.

You play the game from a bird perspective and oversees everything that’s going on, you build rooms and hire staff like doctors, shrinks, nurses, receptionists and janitors that will run the hospital and treat the patients for you. But don’t let this games graphics fool you, it gets really tricky later on in this game, more patients, new diseases and epidemics are just some of the challenges you’ll be facing in this game. You need to keep both your patients and staff happy, and build research and build the right rooms in order to treat your patients.

The game hasn’t the best graphics but that’s because it’s quite old by now,  it’s a fun game that doesn’t cost that much and have no violence in it, though your patients can die if you don’t treat them in time, so it might not be something for the youngest of children.

Theme Hospital is Available on Playstation Store

Theme Hospital Gameplay video

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