Metal Gear Solid Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters & Figures

The Japanese game series Metal Gear Solid with Solid Snake, Raiden and the whole bunch has one of the most dedicated fan bases for any modern game. And just by looking at all the merchandise there is for this game you’ll understand that the fans of Metal Gear wants, needs and got to have all kinds of merchandise. For example, there are few games out there that has these many different figures and models like Metal Gear, there’s pretty much a figure for all the main characters in the game, including Solid Snake figures dressed in every uniform you can remember from the game, you can find all the Metal Gear solid figures at the bottom of this list if that’s what you’re looking for.

Apart from the figures there’s also a bunch of Metal gear t-shirts and posters in this list, everything from art and concept art from the game to wear or put on your wall or silly and funny Solid Snake t-shirts for you to walk around in.
I try to include as many types of different merchandise from Metal Gear Solid as I possible be can, in order to make this as solid and complete merchandise list guide as possible, if you think I missed something or think I should include some specific merch from the game feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page with your suggestions.

Everything on this page if for sale in store all over the internet, just click any picture to head over to the store that sell that specific product. Please note that this post contains affiliate links.


metal gear solid merchandise

Metal Gear Solid T-shirts & Apparel

There’s a bunch of Metal Gear and Snake inspired t-shirts to buy, these t-shirt can you find on either Amazon or Redbubble, just click any t-shirt picture for more info. My personal favorites among these t-shirts must be the Metal Gear that’s hiding in a box, that’s pretty funny for a Metal Gear geek like me. Also the t-shirt print with Snake shattering into small pieces (the one at the top) also looks absolutely stunning, think it’s a remake of some official Metal Gear Solid art.

Most t-shirt comes in a range of sizes, from tiny small to big like 3XL.


Metal Gear Solid Posters, Art Prints & Stickers

Here’s some posters and art for you to hang on your wall, there’s a mixture of different posters, but it’s mostly concept- or box art from Metal Gear Solid, from all the different games in the series. Most of these can you find on Amazon.com, just click the images to head over to the store that’s selling these. My personal favorite must be the poster featuring Raiden where he stands looking badass with his sword.

Metal Gear Solid Figures, Action Figures & Toys

There’s few game franchises that has this many great figures and models, Metal Gear Solid has a sea of amazing looking figure, pretty much all the main charachers from all the games and there’s countless Snake figures you can get.

Just to name a few there’s figures featuring Meryl Silverberg, Raiden, Solidus Snake, Octacon and a bunch of different Solid Snake figures dressed in a variety of different uniforms and gear, and always looking bad ass.


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