Little Big Planet Merchandise (Toys, Sackboys and T-shirt)

Little Big Planet is one of the most creative and visual fantastic game around, and the little sackboys that you play in the game is practical small and cuddly plushies, so it comes only naturally that there’s plenty of  Little big planet merchandise like the plushie Sackboy toys for example, there’s different sackboy in different material with a variety of different clothes and costumes, just like in the game.

There’s also a few pretty good looking t-shirt for sale with Little Big Planet designs on them, you can find some Little big Planet t-shirts if you browse further down this page. You can get a better and bigger picture of the product by clicking the thumbnail picture for each and every toy and t-shirt on this page, you’ll also find where you can get these products and how much they cost if you press the tiny images.

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Little Big Planet merchandise

Little Big Planet Sackboy Toys

What would Little Big Planet be without the Sackboy? It would be nothing I tell you! These cute and cuddly creatures are available in a variety of different shapes and colors. Like the original brown Sackboy without any hats or anything on or why not get a Satan Clause Sackboy for that special holiday feeling. You can click each of these Sackboy images down below to get a better picture and get more information about these toys on Amazon.

Little Big Planet Sack Boy Toy Review

Little Big Planet T-shirts

There’s no a lot of T-shirts out there for Little Big Planet, but there is a few, here are some of my personal Sackboy and Little Big Planet T-shirt from the t-shirt store Redbubble. But some of the Little Big Planet clothing down below are also from CafePress, which is a t-shirt/print store with a few really fun LBP t-shirt. You can also find even more Little Big Planet merchandise if you check out CafePress LBP section, you can find it by clicking here, CafePress Little Big Planet Store

Just like the LBP toys images you can click these images to get to the t-shirt store where you can get bigger and better images of the print and also get more information about the shirts, like the price for example.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t include more items in this list but the truth is that there isn’t that much of merchandise for this game, which is quite sad because this game has some huge potential for merch, the whole game is about collecting stuff! (kind, sort) so it would be perfect to drag out some of the amazing things from the game into the real world and make toys and other stuff from it. I don’t know if the fan base is to small and that’s why the game is lacking in that department or any other reason but all we fans can do is wait and see really. Also if you have any suggestion of things that should be include in this list I would love to hear them, so drop me a line in the comment section and I’ll include it in the list, cheers!

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    I’m looking for an oddsock plush toy to go with sackboy for my grandson. Any suggestions? I would even settle for a knitting pattern and make my own. Cannot find anywhere online!

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