Little Big Planet Karting Review


Little Big Planet Karting is the 3rd game in the series if you don’t count the game that where released for PS Vita, the past Little Big Planet games have been traditional platformer games set in a creative and wonderful world, Karting is not yet another platform it’s a racing game, but it still has the same creativity and style as the past games.

If you ever played Mario Kart you will recognize a lot of things from that game series in Little Big Planet Karting, it’s basically that same game but instead of driving as Super Mario you will take control of your Sackboy.

After a quick tutorial of the controls of the game you get thrown right into the game and just like the past games there’s both Story and Multiplayer mode. The controls for the games are easy, you drive your racing kart with your controller stick and then you can accelerate and shoot your weapon, you can also drift in order to get a small speed boost.

In the races you will stumble upon different weapons, everything from rockets missiles to electric fields around you that will destroy your opponents, most of these guns are fun and easy to use but my main problem is that some are way to unbalanced and way to good and way to easy to use, for example there’s one “weapon” in the game that will fast forward you, making you go crazy fast for a few seconds (I’m talking craaaaazy fast) this weapon seem to be easy to get when you’re last in the race (7th or 8th place) and if you use this weapon you will get crazy speed and you won’t need to control your kart for a few seconds, you can easily go from place 7th or 8th to 3rd or 2nd in a matter of seconds, without really doing anything. It’s weapon that these that doesn’t require any skill and is all based on luck that ruins some of the fun for me, it’s like they made the game to easy.

The Story Mode

In the story mode you’ll find a bunch of races you need to complete in order to proceed to the next world, you get a quick cinematic video before each race, the problem with these video clips is that they’re lacking the goofy humor from the past games in the series and you can feel that there’s not much work put into these videos, they’re not fun to watch really, but luckily there’s a skip button so problem solved, but don’t expect some great story line from the story. The races you get do is a mixture of traditional “first one to the finish line”-races, time trial races, battle races, where the goal is to get as many “kills” with the weapons you got and there’s also a few Boss battles. It’s a mix of race modes which is good, but sadly it’s not enough off a challenge for it to get exciting, everything is quite easy really, I stumbled upon a few races that I had to complete a few times in order to win, but most of them where silly easy.

The Story mode was a disappointment for me really, the story wasn’t good, not enough variation in the races and it was really too easy. The main story is over in just a few hours..


In the multiplayer section you get to play all the community created races and maps, I haven’t tried that many community maps, but if it’s something near the LBP 1 & 2 creative community I would expect there will be some amazing races to play (and also millions of crappy ones) You can either play these races online or alone against computer controlled players, or offline splitscreen against friends, playing split screen with a friend is something I really recommend when it comes to Little Big Planet Karting, it adds some fun to the game, especially in the boss fights in Story mode the game gets much better played with people.

Conclusion of Little Big Planet Karting

I know this is a short review of the game but I want to keep it that way. Little Big Planet Karting is a fun game but not as fun as I would hope it to be, it’s no way near Little Big Planet 1 & 2, LBP 1 & 2 has some great and long story mode filled with variating gameplay, and that’s really something Little Big Planet Karting story mode is missing, it’s quite short and bland, there’s a few fun races especially the battle and the boss races but the other races can be quite boring actually, it’s when you get to play those few creative and weird races that you feel the true Little Big Planet spirit, and it’s then you’re having the most fun.

Also the multiplayer and the community created maps and races has a lot of potential, the problem is that it’s sometimes can be hard to find those amazing races amount all those crappy ones. My last advice would be to play Little Big Planet Karting on splitscreen with other people, it’s really a social game that is meant to be played for a hour or so with friends together on the same screen, it’s at those moments Little Big Planet Karting is a great game, but if you’re planning to get this game to play by yourself you might get a bit disappointed.

Don’t compare this game with the rest of the Little Big Planet, it’s not even near that good, just see it as the casual and fun racing game that you can now and then when you’re bored with your friends.

I’m going to end with some Little Big Planet Karting game play.

Little Big Planet Karting – Multiplayer Gameplay

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