Katamari Merchandise – Posters, T-shirts, Iphone Cases & cute Cousins

Two of my all time favorite games out there is Katamari Damacy and Katamari Forever, two great games that I truly love, maybe not so much for the gameplay or the games itself, I love Katamari for it’s crazy, beautiful and over the top designs and art, how Katamari looks is a reason enough for me to think this game series is genius. I think many will agree on that with me, it’s the fantastic concept of rolling stuff into a huge ball and the fact that the games looks absolutely amazing, makes these games great, and that’s also the reason why these games still has a huge amount of fans even though it’s been awhile since a game was released in the series.

All these components gives perfect condition for epic merchandise to be created, and fear not, Katamari has plenty of amazing merchandise to check out, and I collected my personal favorites in this post. Most of the merchandise on this page is made by fans of the game, so you can expect some pretty creative Posters, T-shirts, Iphone Cases and more in this list.

If you find something you like, simply click the image to get to the store page where that thing is at.

Note: This merchandise post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through any product and make a purchase, I can earn a small commission on your sales. If you do, thank you very much it really helps me and the site a lot.
katamari merchandise

The cutest & craziest t-shirts around

The first category of merch offers a bunch of T-shirts from the two stores Redbubble and Society6, these two stores works very similar, anyone can upload designs for prints, t-shirts and more, and start selling these designs straight away, the stores stands for the shipping and production, and the community uploads their own designs and get a cut from every sale. The result is quality t-shirts & stuff with a sea of unique and amazing (and sometimes awful) designs. Down below you can find some of the best Katamari T-shirts found on these two sites, so enjoy my little compilation, we’ll start off with shirts from Society6.

Cousins & Prince T-shirts from Society6

My personal favorite is the “Somewhere over the rainbow” t-shirt print made my Muxxi over at Society6 (the second t-shirt on the list), though this might not be a traditional Katamari design I though I still would feature this, I thought it had a strong Katamari feeling in the overall design and the color choices, you might or might not agree with me but the fact it’s a amazing t-shirt is quite clear to everyone!

Another one that I absolutely love is the “Adventure Time – Land of Ooo Katamari“, (the third t-shirt) This is a mashup with the TV show Adventure time and Katamari, so if you’re a fan of Adventure time you can recognize a bunch of the character in the big ball that he’s rolling. Epic concept and amazing colors if you ask me, just lovely.

More Kawaii T-shirts from Redbubble

On Redbubble you’ll everything from the a bit creepy “King of the Cosmos” T-shirt to the extremely cute Doctor Who, Hello Kitty and Pokemon Cousins that keeps rolling their balls in the true spirit of Katamari. My favorite over at Redbubble must be the green Prince t-shirt where the print is just a big Prince face in the middle of the shirt, simple yet it looks great, oh and I look fantastic in green so I guess that helps!

Posters and Art prints

When it comes to Art prints for Katamari the best place is actually Society6, many of the designs that are being sold as t-shirts are also sold as prints, that’s also the case on Redbubble too, so if you find a t-shirt here that you want as a print I suggest that you always double check and see if it’s available as a print also. Enough about that, below you can find some of the best Katamari prints on Society6 (according to me!)

Splash of Color for your phone – Katamari Iphone Cases

If you have a Iphone and love Katamari you need to get one of these skins and cases, they look fantastic if you ask me. They’re available for pretty much all the different models of the Iphone, both the old and new. Some are even available for Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Ipod Touch. Click any of the cases to get a better look over there store it’s being sold at.


Soft and Cute Cousins Plushies from Etsy

All these are handmade and there’s only one figure available for each of these, so I can’t promise you that these specific figures will be available when you check them out, but make sure to see if the ones that made and sold these might have other Katamari Plushies available for sale over at Etsy, always worth to check if you love these dolls as much as I do.

I hope you found something you like on this list, also if you have anything you think should be on this list, feel free to suggest it in the comment section down at the bottom of this page. Thanks for stopping by!

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