Hotline Miami Merchandise – Posters, Prints & T-shirts

This crazy, action filled and colorful game has blown up in popularity on the indie scene and on Steam, sales has gone through the roof for this tiny indie game and the fans just love this difficult mayhem called Hotline Miami. The art style and the music are two things that really put Hotline on the map, it’s unique and colorful graphics are a joy to way even thought the pixels are as large Minecraft blocks. The fans love it, the critics love it, so it’s only natural that these people want to show much they love this fantastic little game, so that where the obvious need for merchandise is created, fantastically neon colored merchandise like t-shirts and posters. In this post I have collected some of my favorite Hotline Miami merchandise that there is to buy online, it might not be a lot but it’s surprisingly good variety on the gaming merchandise for a indie game.

Some of these merch are fan made and some are not, you can also click each image on this list to get to the store where this is sold. This list of Hotline Miami merchandise contains affiliate links which means that any purchases via affiliate links may earn Foxygamer a small commission on the sale.

hotline miami merchandise

Hotline Miami T-shirts

First off is there some fantastic Hotline Miami t-shirts that comes in a huge range of colors and sizes, including both women & men sizes. There’s the Hotline Miami masks prints with the Rasmus (Owl) or the Don Juan (Horse) masks. And if you look closer on some of the t-shirt prints you can see that they’re made out of letters & symbols in a very fashionable pixel patterns, me like! For example the chicken head that’s called “R TO RESTART”, which is made out of the text R to restart (or something similar? can’t read it clearly)

Next up we got some pretty fancy Hotline Miami Posters and prints that you can buy. There’s for example the official Hotline Miami box art available as a poster, looks fantastically brutal if you ask me. Or the more cartoon style poster from CCEE Posters. But none of the game art can beat the fan made posters and prints, like the “R to Restart” print made by artist Matt Demino, where the a man stands with a steel pipe wearing the Richard – Chicken mask looking just stunning with all the neon colors.

Or the guy with the animal mask yelling “DO YOU LIKE HURTING PEOPLE?!”, well of course we do. The fan made prints are available over at Society6 and some are also available on other products, not just prints (like for example t-shirts and iphone cases), so it’s defiantly worth checking out closer.

There’s not that many to choose from but there is a few at least, and most of them look great. Most posters or prints are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can get either a tiny poster or a rather big one if you would like that.

Hotline Miami Posters & Art prints

That’s everything this list has to offer, I hope you found something worth checking out here. And also sure to leave your own suggestion of Hotline Miami merchandise if you know any, if it’s any good I’ll feature it on this list. Thanks for reading and make sure to check out the rest of our Guides & List here at Foxygamer.

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