When it has come to Halo merchandise like t-shirts and figures the official Halo store has been dominating for a long time now, the problem isn’t that there isn’t other Halo stores and merchandise to buy online, the biggest problem for gamers is to find all that good Halo stuff, because quite frankly it’s rather nice to have just one place for all your Halo needs, like the official store, just one place that have a ton of Halo stuff to choose from. That’s why I made this list, to highlight all the other great Halo merchandise that’s available for sale in different stores around the web, everything from fan made t-shirts to fantastic Master Chief figures, I will show you the alternatives to the official Halo store on this page and I hope you find something you like.

All pictures of products are click-able on this page, just click any picture to get to the store who’s selling that specific Halo merch.

This Halo list contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy anything from this page we will earn a small commission on the sale.

halo merchandise

Halo T-shirts & Clothing

I’ll start off with some Halo t-shirts, pretty much all of these t-shirts designs are made by fans for the fans of Halo. There’s a bunch of master chief t-shirts of course, like the one made out of text from Halo creating master chief’s helmet, looks pretty good if you have a closer look. There’s also more simpler t-shirts like the ones with the UNSC Logo on them. The Resolution Evolution print featuring Super Mario and Master Chief among many video game character is probably my personal favorite, the design looks sharp and I just love the evolution of gaming idea.

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Halo Action Figures & Toys

There’s plenty of Master Chief figures to choose from if you’re interested in that, everything from more toy like action figures with movable limbs to more exclusive Master Chief figures made for looking good. But there’s not only Master Chief figures available, you can also get figures with a Elite Zealot, Storm Grunt or Didact from Halo 4. So as you can see there’s plenty to choose from. All these figures can be bought over at Amazon.com, just click any of the pictures to head over to their product page where you’ll find more info about these bad boys.

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Halo Art Prints & Posters

A true Halo fan needs to have at least one Halo poster on their wall really, and also in this category there’s plenty to choose from, though it might not be the best variety on these posters when all of them are featuring Master Chief himself, but that doesn’t mean they all look great.

My personal favorite among these posters is the Halo 4 poster where Master Chief is looking awfully bad ass (as always). Also the Halo: Reach poster looks great, even though I might not be that game biggest fan to be honest. All the posters and prints comes in quite a few different sizes, so no matter if you want to cover your whole wall with Master Chief or if you want something small, there’s something for everyone.

[gdl_gallery title=”haloposters” ]

Thanks for reading and I hope you found some t-shirt or figure you wanted, or at least you had fun watching all these Halo stuff. Feel free to leave a comment below if you enjoyed this list or if you think I should feature some other Halo merch on this page.

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