Half-Life Merchandise – Toys, T-shirts, Figures and Headcrabs

Valve’s most well know and successful gaming series is of course the Half-Life series, fan has been loving the Half-life games for a very long time now, and how they show there love has always been more creative then you would see from other gaming fans for other video games. But that has always been the case when it comes to all of Valve’s games & it’s fans. Portal & Team Fortress 2 fans has always been creative with their fandom. In this post/guide I will show you some of the many creative merchandise that you can buy for Half-life in store online, some are made by fans, like some of the t-shirts on this page, and some are made for companies and online stores.

In this post I have tried to include as many different types of Half Life merchandise as possible to make sure you only need one guide to find all the merchandise you would ever want for Half-life, I’m not sure if I succeeded in this but I do think I created a great list here, with everything from t-shirts made from fans, toys, posters and figures to play and watch. I hope you find the Half-life merchandise you’re looking for or that you at least find something worth checking out.

You can click any of the pictures of the items on this page to get to the online shop that’s selling it, so click away for more info, prices and more & better pictures. Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

half-life merchandise

Half-Life T-shirts, Clothing & Sweaters

I’m start off with some clothing and t-shirts, each of the pictures below are t-shirts prints, you can click each and every image to get to the t-shirt store that’s selling them. There’s everything from the more simpler t-shirts and hoodies like the black ones with the orange Half Life logo on them, looks very clean and simple, or you could go with something more playful and crazy, like the print with Gordon holding and loving a tiny headcrab in his arms, that one is just fantastic, love the concept and the fantastic love he’s showing that creepy little thing.


Half-Life Posters & Prints

Next up are some Half-life Posters and art prints to put on your walls, each poster and prints comes in a variety of sizes, so no matter if you want to cover your entire wall or if you just want something small to hang over your computer, there’s something for everyone here. Most of the art is from Half-Life 2 and is featuring Gordon Freeman doing awesome stuff (as always), and most of the art is available on Society6, which is a print/t-shirt store where artist upload their art and they then sell it for them.

Toys, Figures, Headcrabs & Other awesome merchandise

Now it’s time for the real good stuff on this page, the toys and gadgets! And when it comes to Half-life toys you’re not going to be disappointed, there’s so many different headcrab toys it’s a bit silly actually, everything from headcrab to put on your head to plushie and soft headcrabs for you to cuddle with, amazingly creepy if you ask me!

If that’s not enough for you then might I interest you in a real size gravity gun from Half-life 2? (or as it’s also called Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator) This little gun is looking absolutely fantastic, with light glowing out of it it’s looking pretty damn close to the original, it’s a must have really for any hardcore Half-life fan or cosplayer, you can get more info about it by clicking the picture of it below.

Last but not leasts there’s the Gordon Freeman figures that you can get online, these Gordons comes in a variety of different qualities, everything from action figure Gordon Freeman to high quality (and expensive) Gordon Freeman figures statues that are meant to just stand still and look amazing, these figures comes with incredible details but comes at a high price of course.

I hope you found the merch you were looking for, whenever it was a Gordon Freeman t-shirt or a Headcrab head…hat. If you enjoyed this post make sure to like it and share it with your friends. Thanks for stopping and also feel free to suggest any Half Life merchandise you think should be featured on this list,  just leave a link in the comments field with your suggestion.

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