How to Recruit new members to your gaming Clan, Group, Team or Guild

If you ever tried starting a guild or clan for any game or if you’re already a leader of a gaming group, you know it can be really hard finding new members and doing guild recruitments can be. Without members your guild or clan isn’t much good is it? I’m going to try to help you with your problems and I will give you my advice, tips and trick on how you can recruit new members to your gaming group, it doesn’t matter what kind of game your group is associate with and what your group is playing, all the advice I’m going to give you will apply on most games and gaming groups out there, but also remember that these are just tips and advice, make sure to add your own twist to these methods of recruiting members and adjust them to your groups needs.

Enough yibber yabbing now, let’s get onto the good stuff and let’s start this guide on How to growing your gaming group!

guild recruitment guide

Recruiting on forums

Here’s a classic way of recruiting members, heading over to the forums and looking for new members. What works the best is to find forums that are dedicated to the game you’re group is about, for example, if your guild is playing World of Warcraft it would be best to find World of Warcraft forums to post in. If you can’t find exclusive forums for your game then at least find gaming forums that have a forum section or sub-forum for the game you’re playing.

So how to find these forums then? Easy, just use google to find forums. Head over to google (or any search engine you prefer) and type in the game of your choice and follow it with the word “forum”.

google search

Use google to find forums to recruit people on

Back to my example with World of Warcraft, if I would like to find forums for World of Warcraft I’d just search for “World of Warcraft forums“, this might be obvious to many of you, but here comes the twist I guess, you should now register on as many forums as you can, the more the better, the plan is to post recruitment threads on all the forums we can find, because if we post our Group recruiting message on a lot of forums we’ll have a bigger chance of getting noticed by potential new members. This might sound like a lot of work but we’re going to use the same recruitment message on every forum so it won’t be that much more work to post on more then one forum.

Writing your group Recruitment Thread

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So hopefully you have by now found a bunch of forums for your game and you registered on them all, it’s now time to post our recruitment post on these forums. Some forums have Guild/Clan/Team recruitments sections, if they have one, then post there, if they don’t have it then post in the section that feels most relevant (General, Off-Topic section or something ells)

Before you start writing your post you need to ask yourself some questions, What makes your group stand out from all the other groups? And why should anyone join your group? Brainstorm with your other member or just think what makes your group good. Because if you don’t stand out why would anyone want to join your group?

You might have weekly event? Social and friendly players? A website? A forum? Spend some time writing your thread and make sure that you highlight everything that makes your group stand out and the things that make your group good. Also make sure the thread looks good, post some screenshots or the groups logo and make it all pretty, think of your recruitment thread as your first impression to the potential new members, make sure you make a good first impression and that you seem serious about your group.

To summaries everything, Make sure that your group stand out and give people a reason why they should join your guild, clan or team, stating that you have X number of members and that you play on this or that server is good to include but is not enough if you’re planning on making a great recruitment thread, make your thread special and make it shiny! If you feel totally clueless just look at some other recruitment posts from other groups and take inspiration from them, just don’t copy their thread.

Bumping your thread

Here’s a another trick you can use after you posted your recruitment thread. And that’s to post new messages replies to your forum recruitment thread to keep the thread active and alive (aka bumping). Don’t just spam nonsense messages replies to your thread, instead post news and updates as replies instead, you can reply to the thread announcing you have a upcoming event or some other news from your group. See it as a way for your group to look active and productive and at the same time keeping the recruitment thread active. It’s also a great way of showing people that your group still is active and alive, because nobody wants to join a dead group. You can use the same thread replies for all the different forums, no need to come up with different updates and news for all the forums.

Make sure to bookmark all your forum recruitments threads on all the different forums, so you can easily go back to them, posting announcements replies or editing the original thread if you need to. The lesson to learn here when it comes to forum recruitment is to do it on a large scale, it’s just a little more work to post your clans recruitment thread on more then just one forum, spread the word out that your group is recruiting to every forum out there, it’s defiantly worth it in the long run, it gives you more exposure and more potential members will see your recruitment thread.

Just a heads up though, it’s a good idea to do this on a large scale but that doesn’t mean you should start spamming your recruitment thread all over different forums, make quality recruitment posts and post only one thread per forum, and only bump your threads with relevant updates like news from your group for example, think about your gaming groups reputation and keep it classy.

Use Social media for Guild recruitment

It’s not a bad idea to get your group on social media sites, you can for example get a Facebook page or a Google+ page to post news and updates from your group. It’s not a super efficient way of recruiting, but at least it will get you some exposure. You need to use social media with a twist in order to recruit members via social media.

youtube logo

Here’s a way you could do use Social media, next time your clan/guild/team is doing a event or simply just playing together, record it. Record the gameplay and make a video of it. It can be pretty much anything really, anything from your group killing a boss, a match you had against another team or just some event you guys had. It doesn’t have to be something special or super good, a simple video can be just enough. Do some editing, throw some music onto it and upload the video to Youtube and make sure to link to your groups website, Facebook or forum in the video. The better the video the better this will work of course, but don’t be afraid to upload a decent video just because it isn’t perfect.

Some people will see your video and get a urge to join your group because your group looks so badass/cool/friendly/fun in the video that they just watch. You could include a short message in the video, like “We’re recruiting now, go here to find out more,*LINK*”

I know I have felt that way many times when I watched gameplay from clans and guilds on Youtube. For example video with guilds taking down huge bosses or just owning in PVP, if I personally would watch some really great gameplay from a game I play and the creators of that video said that they want new members I would jump on board right away. Awesome gameplay videos can be a powerful commercials for your group.
See these gameplay videos as ads for how awesome your group is and why people should join your gaming group.

Start a Tumblr blog for your guild/clan/group


Here’s a another way you could use Social media to get the word out about your group. Start a blog on some free blogging platform, I would suggest using Tumblr because it’s quite easy to get a lot of exposure if you have good material and good content on your blog. So start a blog for your group and start posting stuff related to the game your playing or some related to your group, have members send you screenshots, videos or fan art for you to post on the blog. It can be screenshots or video clips from your last group event or something cool someone in your group created related to the game(s) your group are playing.

If  you keep posting great content more and more people will start to share your stuff and follow the blog.

So how can having a blog help you get new members to your group? Once again it’s all about exposure really, the more people that see your blog, the more people will know about your gaming group, and some of these will be interested in joining your group for sure. It’s all about getting your groups name out there and showing what a amazing group you have.

That’s just two ways you could use Social media to grow your group, there’s of course many other ways of using social media to help your group grow, just remember that all publicity is good publicity (well, uhmm…almost at least) So go out there and spread the word about your group!

That’s all the advice I have for now, I will try to add more tips and tricks now and then. Also if you have any advice or tricks that you use when recruiting people to your Guild or Clan please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and make sure to like and share if you found this post useful.

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