Games like Guild Wars 2 (GW2)

Finding good MMORPGs to play can be hard sometimes, considering there’s thousands of MMOs out on the gaming market, and finding that special game that suits you and your game style can be very difficult, this is the exact problem I was facing when I got bored of Guild Wars 2, don’t get me wrong GW2 is a amazing MMO filled with thousands of things to do, I had a blast playing through several classes to level 80, but like all games they get boring after some time, and after half a year of gaming I decided it was time to find something new to play. That’s how this list got created, in my quest of finding a game like Guild Wars 2, and now I want to share this list with you so you can find a MMORPG that you want to play.

MMORPGs similar to Guild Wars 2

Games like Guild Wars 2

World of Warcraft

The MMO that won’t die

wow logo

WoW is no new for all you MMO gamers out there, but it’s still worth mentioning. World of Warcraft is still a great game

even though it has a lot of flaws. When it comes to content for example it’s hard to beat World of Warcraft, there’s so much thing to do and kill in this game that it’s almost too much! The game has been online for many many years now so there’s no wonder how they could have build up so much content over the years.

The classes are balanced, good quest system and fantastic PVP, the only two downsides of WoW for me is first off that it has a monthly fee, coming from Guild Wars 2 that has no subscription fees it’s not that fun starting to pay to play again. The second negative thing about WoW is all the grinding, the focus on gear and getting better gear is just insane, you need to play so many hours, days and weeks in order to take part in all the best content in the game, but Blizzard knows this is a problem and they have over the years improved the gaming experience for casual players like me but World of Warcraft still is a game more for the hardcore MMO gamer, no doubt about it.

It’s easy to get a 7-day guest pass if you want to try the game, which I would recommend that you do. You can also begin with just buying the first WOW game and skip the expansions, you then get a months play time and you can then play for a month and see if you like the game or not, if you like it you can get the expansions to the game but if you don’t like WoW you can just throw the game in the trash and you’ll only lost a few bucks.


Star Wars: The Old Republic (swtor)

Similar to GW2 in many ways

swtor logo

In this MMO you get to play in the huge world of Star Wars, you get to choose one of two factions, the Galactic Republic or the Sith empire (dark side) The game is very similar to World of Warcraft in many ways, with the traditional class system with tanks and healers, also the quest system and the dungeons resemble WoW. That being said SWTOR is of course a completely different game which have for example a lot of cinematic and dialog that you wouldn’t expect from a MMO. The game is also available as free-to-play which is great for everyone who’s interested in just trying this MMORPG out. The free-to-play version of the game is limited and you can’t access the whole game with such a account, you need to get a subscription in order to get access to the whole game, but for me personally the free version of the game was enough, I had a lot of quest and stuff to kill, but I would imagine if I would play this game for a longer period of time the content for the free version would feel limited.

But it’s still a good option for all the MMO gamers, pay or not to pay, that’s the question!

Allods Online

Good free Guild Wars 2 Alternative

Allods Online logo

A lot of the free MMOs out there likes to play it safe, really safe and when they build their game, they take a look at the MMO market and they see World of Warcraft and the massive success that WoW has got with their millions of subscribers, the result being many many World of Warcraft clones, and many bad clones too!

But Allods Online is a exception, it would be hard not to call Allods a WoW clone because there’s just so many similarity, but that doesn’t make it a bad game, it’s actually one of the best WoW clones out there and one of the best free MMORPG’s right now. The pvp is one of the strongholds in this game with many game modes to try out, the design of the game is also a huge plus with beautiful monster designs and a huge and wonderful open world.  So if you haven’t played World of Warcraft and you’re looking for a free alternative to Guild Wars 2 then I would suggest Allods Online, but it might not be that much fun if you already played World of Warcraft, because it’s just that much similar.

The Secret World

theSecretWorld logo

From the creators of the MMOs Anarchy Online and Age of Conan comes the MMORPG The Secret World. This isn’t another WoW clone at least and it doesn’t have a lot of similarity to Guild Wars 2, but I still think it’s worth a mentioning because this MMO is just like a fresh breeze on the MMORPG market.

There’s no classes or levels in this game, you instead unlock new skills and find new weapons that you can use in combat, choose among hundreds of different skills and powers, and choose which of these powers you want your character to be good at. Customize your character how you want it. This is something that can be a bit confusing for some gamers in the beginning, but trust me it adds so much fun to the game when you understand how it works.

Another thing that really makes The Secret World stand out is the story in the game, I never really experienced story such well written and good story in a MMO, it’s not all good of course but there’s some epic things to explore in this game.

The price for this game is similar to Guild Wars 2, you pay once for the game with no monthly costs, which is great if you just want to try The Secret World. I think games that have this kind of payment system gives the gamer more freedom, I can feel that I have to play a game if I’m paying a monthly fee for it, even though I might not want to play. Games like these gives me the freedom to play the game when I want to, and if I want to take a break for a few months that’s just fine, and that’s how it should be.

The Lord of the Rings Online (lotro)

lotro logo

Even though this MMORPG is getting a few years old now (released 2007) it’s still and epic adventure and has managed to stay fresh over the years thanks to their many expansions and loyal fans. Like many I was drawn to this game because I loved the movies and the books, to be able to play in the amazing fantasy world is of course a wish come true.

One of my favorite things in LOTRO is the PVP, the pvp works a bit different in this MMORPG. The PVP is called Player versus Monster Player (PvMP) The gameplay of this PVP mode is that some players gets to play as monsters with special abilities and some of the players will play as their regular character. For free-to-play players there’s only one available monster to play while Premium VIP players can choose to purchase and unlock a variety of monsters to play. The goal is then for both sides to capture and hold keeps in large battles.

The game is free to play with a option to go premium with a monthly fee, you can also choose to unlock certain features by paying real money.

When I played the game it was hard to unlock certain things and I needed to grind a lot in order to unlock new things in the game, if feel like the game made me grind so that I would get bored and pay real money to unlock new quests and features in the game. This might have changed because to be honest it’s a few years since I played the game, but I remember it was something that was bothering me when I was playing.


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