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The game series Fable started way back in 2004 and was soon a popular game because of many things including the freedom the game gave the players, the action filled combat and the many great RPG elements in the game. Since 2004 there’s been three games in the Fable series and they all been great RPGs. But what if you already played those games but you love the series and want to find similar games to play, then this list is great for you, I will list similar games like Fable in this list, some epic, amazing and thrilling action RPGs that will give you a great gaming experience, all these games are of course not exactly like Fable but they’re in the same genre and I believe that if you loved any of the Fable games you will also love these games.

For each game I will include a short description, a trailer or gameplay video and links so you can get more information.

games like fable

The Dragon Age series

Dragon Age I & II

Dragon Age

Dragon age is a game series from the creators of Mass Effect, Bioware. In Dragon age is a action RPG in a huge fantasy world where you’ll take the role as one of three classes, the mage, warrior or rogue. The amount of freedom you get from this game series is hard to come by in any other game, which give these two games an incredible world to discover. Also if you’re one of those that likes to complete everything in a game and really learn and talk to everything and everyone you’ll love the Dragon Age games, these games has so much content to explore it’s ridiculous.

Dragon Age 1 & 2 is available for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac

Another great aspect of this game is the rich and believable character you’ll encounter, the people you’ll meet on your journey feels like characters in a book and you can tell that they really put a lot of work and effort into making the story of Dragon Age great & Epic. I would defiantly recommend Dragon age if you enjoyed Fable, if you ask me the Fable games can’t even compare in quality when it comes to Dragon age.


Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

Dragon Age 2 on Amazon

Dragon Age: Origins Review

Dragon Age 2 Trailer


Open-world fantasy RPG


If you haven’t heard of Skyrim I would be really surprised, because this game has been one of the most popular action RPGs for a few years now, even though the game released several years ago it’s still a hugely popular game and it’s still one of the most played games on Steam.

In Skyrim you’ll get to play in a huge open-world where you decide how you want to play and what you want to do, there’s thousands of side quests you can do all over this world, and there’s so much to discover. There’s also a main story with some great missions and story telling for you to do, but you decide when you want to do it and how, when you think about it Skyrim is all about freedom, the game really let’s you play it the way you want to.

Skyrim is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

There’s also a huge selection of weapons and skills, so you can customize your hero so that he’s good at the things you want him to be, your character can be a archer, mage, brawler, sword fighter, thief  just to name a few of the ways you can experience the combat and the game itself. If you loved the freedom of Fable you’ll love Skyrim, and if you love action RPGs it’s hard to go wrong with Skyrim really, it’s a solid and great game with countless of hours of gameplay.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Amazon.com

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Official Gameplay Trailer

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

War in the North

This next game is a very action oriented RPG that takes place in the world of the Lord of the rings. You’ll get to choose from one of 3 races, dwarf fighter (hard melee fighter) human ranger (stealthy fighter or archer class) or as a elven mage (heals and casts spells) You level up your character so you can customize it to make it better at certain attacks or skills, the skills and stats system is very basic and easy to understand, which can be a bad thing but in The Lord of the Rings: War in the North it’s a good thing, because when it comes down to it this is a simple game. The combat is very action oriented as I mentioned earlier and the roleplaying elements are very limited and few, also the story isn’t the best to be honest, if you love Lord of the rings you might enjoyed it a bit but it’s nothing fantastic really.

So why is this game on the list you might think? The great thing out this game is it’s simplicity, it’s great action filled combat that’s really fun, you kill stuff, loot items, level up. That’s pretty much it, and I personally love it, because sometimes you just want a simple game with a lot of action and that’s exactly what this game will give you. Also the best part of this game is that you can play local co-op or splitscreen with a friend, this is where the game gets really fun, playing on the console splitscreen mode for example with a friend is a lot of fun, you’ll then work together and use each classes strength to kick ass, the whole game can be played in co-op mode.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

The game is a bit short if you ask me and it’s not the greatest game out there, also don’t expect the same kind of freedom that you’ll find in the other games in this list. It’s simply a fun pick up and play action game that’s quite mindless (in a good way), what makes it great is the co-op splitscreen really.  It’s also rather cheap to get, so it’s not a huge investment to buy this game.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North on Amazon

Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Extended Combat Trailer


Fallout 3

Post-nuclear action RPG

Fallout 3

This game is a bit different when it comes to the story and setting then many of the other games on this list. Fallout 3 takes place in a post-nuclear wasteland where humans has bombed & nuked everything they can see. War has destroyed the earth and left if a wasteland. You’ll take the role as a survivor of a bomb shelter and you’ll get to explore the world above, like many of the games on this list you’ll get a huge amount of freedom and you can choose to play this game you want to, there’s a huge amount of side-quests and places to explore. There’s also bigger missions that will move the main story of the game forward.

Fallout 3 is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

There’s a large selection of skills, perks and stats to choose from, so you can really customize your character you want to.

The feeling and story of this game is nothing of the ordinary when it comes to RPGs, it’s a unique and fresh story. With many of the conversations in the game you have options to choose from, you can choose how you want to act in the game, if you want to good. bad or simply evil, and your actions you do with people in the game have real consequences to the story and how people act against you.

Fallout 3 is a rich action RPG with a lot of great content, worth checking out if you like Fable.

Fallout 3 on Amazon

Fallout 3 Gameplay Trailer

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