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There’s plenty of Role Playing games for both PC and console, but far from all the games are any good, it can be a bit tricky finding games you like when there’s so many bad RPGs and bad games in general. This list is for all you Dragon Age fans out there, if you liked the Dragon Age games it’s a high chance you will enjoy some of the games on the list, they’re not all exactly like Dragon Age, they’re not only Fantasy RPGs on this list, instead it’s a mix of different Role Playing games, the core of the game is all very similar to Dragon age, but the design, game play and story is very different from Dragon Age, which is a good thing because you don’t want to play a copy of Dragon Age.

I try to include video games for both console and PC/Mac, most games are available for all the platforms but not all.


Mass Effect 3

Sci-Fi RPG

Mass Effect 3

Just like the Dragon Age series Bioware is the creator of the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect 3 is the latest in the series and my personal favorite, the other games are still great games and are worth checking out too, but in this post I will talk about Mass Effect 3.
Mass Effect 3 is a Sci-fi with a similar RPG skill and exp system as in Dragon Age, in many ways you can feel that it’s the same creators of these two games series. The game starts with aliens attacking earth, your character successfully flees and your mission to stop these aliens begins, you will go out to space with your main mission being to gather as many alien allies that can to help you attack the aliens on earth, in order to do that you need to go to planet to planet helping different alien races with missions and quests in order to gain their trust.
You get a fair amount of freedom in Mass Effect, you can decide where you should go and what planets you want to go to next, you can also choose what to say in conversations throughout the game, and what you decide to say will have a real impact in the story of the game, it’s really rare to see that in a game. There’s a lot of content and a lot of quests and mini-quests in this game.

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Mass Effect 3 Trailer

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Epic open World RPG


Skyrim is one of the most popular RPGs of all time and is love by fans all over the world. With a huge open world where the player can choose their own path to play the game, it’s rare to see a single player game with this much freedom in such a big world and that’s a big part of Skyrim’s success and why people love this game so much. There’s just so many quests and missions you can do in this game that it’s hard to get bored of it, and if you do get bored of it, there’s several expansions to get. There are many ways of customizing your character with different skills, abilities and weapons, this makes it easy to play the game how you want to.

Skyrim is a mix of Dragon Age and GTA (Woah..crap, comparison but I’m going with it) It got all the RPG elements you would expect from a great RPG game in a huge open world filled with quests, mini-quests, things to discover and explore with a rich and compelling story line. If you love RPGs Skyrim won’t be a disappointment.

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Skyrim Trailer

Fable III

Role Playing Game with compelling story line

Fable 3

Fable is a yet another great RPG game series by Lionhead Studios. Fable 3 has less RPG elements then the other games I been talking about, it’s more of a adventure game with a few RPG features. But there’s still plenty of RPG features to keep all us RPG lovers happy, there’s a great character customizing in the game which let you unlock different skills, spells and bonuses. Items and gear isn’t that important in Fable III as it is in most RPGs, you can find armor, clothes and weapons but they won’t make you any better. A feature that has been seen in the past Fable games is that you can buy houses in the game, this feature is still in Fable III, you can buy houses to live in and you can also buy business in order to make gold, it’s a nice little feature of this game which is a lot of fun.

There’s a co-op option in the game, so you can play two players at once, which is great fun. On the Xbox 360 version you can play both local and online co-op.

Fable III is available for Xbox 360 and PC
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Fable III Trailer

Fable III Gameplay Video


Fallout 3

Post Apocalyptic Game like Dragon Age

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 isn’t a fantasy game like Dragon Age but these two RPGs still has similarities. Fallout 3 sets place in a post apocalyptic world where everything has been destroyed by nuclear war, everything is a big waste and the world has truly fallen. In Fallout 3 you decide what kind of person you’re going to be, will you be a bad or good guy? You can choose your own path by playing how you want to and choosing the dialog in conversations with NPCs. Like all good RPGs Fallout 3 let’s you customize your characters the way you want to, choosing the traits, perks and skills you want your character to be good at.

You will play in a huge world filled with big quests with a great story line but there’s also mini-quests all over this world, there’s plenty to explore and discover in this game. A great RPG for anyone who want to take a break from the regular Fantasy or Sci-Fi action RPG, Fallout 3 is a unique game when it comes to the theme and feeling of the game.

Available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
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Fallout 3 Trailer

Dark Souls

A hard Open World Action RPG

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is another fantasy action RPG similar to Dragon Age, but be aware it’s one of the more difficult RPGs out there, filled with epic Boss fights and other monsters and enemies that wants to kill you. Even the PC port of the game in 2012 was called “Prepare to Die Edition”, this game is for all you gamers who want a challenge and not just another walk in the park. The design of Dark Souls is as you might have guessed very dark and sometimes creepy, the environment and monsters that you encounter in the game is incredible well done giving the game a very spooky and dark feeling.

There’s no story line or quests in Dark Souls, instead there’s just heaps of monsters in every corner that you proceed through, the lack of quests in Dark Souls isn’t even a problem, the variety of monsters, bosses, the depth and customizability of the combat keeps the game interesting and makes you want to continue on. Items and gear is a important in the game, what kind of weapons and gear you equip will let you choose how you want  to defeat your enemies. Also in this game there’s a level up system so that you can customize your character with the stats and skills you want.

This game is great if you want a Action RPG that’s a challenge, the game will make you cry and scream but at the same time it’s insanely fun. Available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Dark Souls Review

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