Games like Battlefield (Free and Paid FPS)

I know it’s hard to compare with DICE’s incredible game series Battlefield, I been a fan since Battlefield 1942 back in the days and I been playing this game series since then, everything from Battlefield heroes, the free-to-play version, Battlefield 2 and of course my personal favorite BF3. But I guess you know all about this game series already and you’re looking for something ells, some other first person shooter that you can get your hands on. In this list I will feature the best games like Battlefield, they might not be exactly the same but the chances that you will like these games are high if you enjoyed the Battlefield games.


Planetside 2

Massive Battles Online

Planetside 2 logo

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS (massive online first person shooter) for PC that takes places in the future in a far away planet. There’s 3 factions that are fight each other, you choose factions in the beginning of the game. Each faction needs to fight the others in order to gain land and claim builds and factories on a huge map. While the design of Planetside might not be that similar to Battlefield when Planetside 2 is futuristic and Battlefield is very realistic in many ways. But the gameplay has a lot of similarity between these two games, both games has a variety of land and air vehicles like fighting/transport air planes and tanks. And the battles are huge in this game, much much bigger then in Battlefield 3 for example. Expect chaos and mayhem everywhere, in battles with hundreds of players.

You can play as one of 6 classes, there’s The medic that heals, The engineer that can repair and hand out ammo, Light assault with light weapons and a jet pack, The Heavy assault with rocket launcher and machine gun, The Infiltrator which is a sniper class with the ability to cloak and become invisible and last but not least the MAX, which is a huge slow suit that can take a lot of damage, it’s basically a walking light tank. You can buy upgrades for all of the classes and customizing the classes like you want to.

Planetside 2 is free to play. The only thing that cost money is if you want to unlock certain upgrades or weapons, but you can still upgrade everything by playing the game and earning exp and cert points which you can upgrade your arsenal with, just be prepared that it will take awhile to get a new weapon for example without paying real money.

Start playing Planetside 2 now by clicking here

Planetside 2 Gameplay and Review Video

Tribes Ascend

Free-to-play multiplayer shooter

Tribes AscendĀ is a fast paced multiplayer first-person shooter that is free to play, the only thing that cost is if you want to buy certain upgrades or unlocks in the game, but that’s only optional, you can instead level up and buy unlocks for points that are free to obtain, a similar system like Planetside 2 have. Tribes: Ascend is a part of the game series about Tribes, you might played the game series and if you have you’ll be familiar with the jetpacks in the tribes series because they’re also featured inĀ Tribes Ascend.

There’s several classes that you can choose from in this game, each have their own strength and weaknesses and their own specialties. There’s also 3 different types of vehicles that you can spawn by spending credits in the game, the Beowulf, Shrike and Grav Cycle. There’s a few game modes you can choose from in Tribes Ascend, there’s Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Arena, and Capture & Hold.

The game has gotten different reviews, some love it and some doesn’t, but most people agree that Tribes Ascend is a great game, and if you want a game like Battlefield but with a futurist feel to it I would recommend you check this game out, it’s free and fun, what more can you ask for a game really?

Click here to Play Tribes Ascend for free.

Tribes Ascend Trailer

Tribes Ascend Gameplay Video



Single Player and Multiplayer Mayhem

Homefront logo

Homefront is a FPS where you live in a world where North-Korea has occupied the whole USA and you’re figting in a resistance movement for your freedom. There’s both a snigleplayer and multiplayer mode for this game and both are worth playing. The multiplayer part of the game focuses on large scale vehicles battles and just like Battlefield you can rank up and buy certain weapon unlocks and bonuses.
Available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gaming

Homefront Gameplay video

Counter-Strike: GO

Classic Online FPS

CS:GO LogoCounter-Strike: Global Offensive is the sequel to the still popular online FPS Counter-Strike. This is a updated version of CS really with new graphics and a few new features. If you’re not familiar with Counter-strike the game is rather simple but very action filled and fun, there’s two teams, The Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists that faces each other in a round based fights, there’s a few game modes in Counter Strike where one of the teams needs to complete a objective and the other team should prevent the other team from doing that, for example there’s a game mode where one team shall plant a bomb at a bomb site and the other team should prevent them from doing so. At the start of each round you buy weapons from a shop, each weapon cost money to buy and you get money by killing enemy players or completing a objective. It’s fun and simple if you ask me, but just don’t expect anything too similar to Battlefield, I would say that Counter Strike GO is similar to the close combat action that you can find in Battlefield but not the rest, there’s no tanks or anything like that, just guns and grenades.

Counter-strike has a huge e-sports community and if you love playing clan matches it’s easy to find a clan to play in.

Available on PC, Xbox 360 and Ps3

War Rock

Yet another MMOFPS


War Rock is yet another free MMOFPS, but this one has a environment and arsenal much more similar to Battlefield 2, the graphics aren’t as good as Planetside 2 and Battlefield 3 for example but that can be a good thing if your computer can handle newer games. Much like Battlefield you can choose between 5 different classes in War Rock, you can choose between the Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault or Heavy Trooper. There’s several game modes to choose from that you can play in a round based battle. You get experience point and in-game money when winning and killing other players, which you can upgrade and customize your weapons with.

Good free alternative but not the best game out there.
War Rock also have built in Ranking and Clan system giving the game another exciting dimension to it all.

War Rock Official Website

War Rock Cinematic Trailer

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