The Best Free pick-up-and-play IOS games for Ipad & Iphone

When it comes to mobile IOS games for Iphone & ipad it’s easy to get confused, there’s just so many games on the apple store to choose from, some would even say there’s too many games on the Apple store. And when it comes to free-to-play games it can be really hard to find a good and fun game that doesn’t require you to buy a endless stream of power-ups/boosts or trinkets for real money in order for the game to be playable or fun, there’s really a huge sea of bad free games for the iphone and ipad. But fear not! I’m here to show you some of my personal favorite free pick-up-and-play games for the ipad & iphone.

What do I mean when I say pick-up-and-play games really? With that I mean games that are easy to learn and easy to just pick up and start playing right away, not a lot of story or fluff, just a lot of quick & easy gameplay, games like these are perfect for gamers that want a game that they can play on the buss, when waiting in line or when you’re feeling bored, you can play these games for 5 minutes or for 5 hours, you can play them as much or as little as you want. These games on this list are cures for boredom really, so let’s start the list and have some fun.




Peggles is a game from the  game studio Popcap, who are known to make puzzling and addicting games through out the ages. The gameplay for Peggle is rather simple, you got a bunch of balls and the goal is to clear all the red bricks on the screen, might sound simple but it’s can get pretty tricky and existing even though the game is a bit mindless from time to time, it’s really a game where you don’t need to think that much. There’s a big part of the game that is about random chance, sometimes you’ll make the most crazy move and clear a bunch of bricks, and sometimes the luck won’t be on your side and you’ll suck pretty bad because of it.

You will be able to play as different characters, and each character has there own special skill that they can use, for example a alien that can blow up bunch of bricks in one shot.

The game has  a lot of content and you get a lot of stages in the free version, there’s a lot to play. And when you finished all the stages you can unlock more if you pay, but for me personally all stages in the free version is enough.

Peggle on Apple store

Plants vs Zombies

plants vs zombies

Plants vs Zombies is yet another game from Popcap, in this action puzzle game you take control of a arsenal of flowers and your goal is to survive waves of attacking zombies, it’s a very original idea for a game, with a very unique and fun design and art style. You get a very limited battlefield where you can place out your flowers, there’s a bunch of different flowers, each with different attacks and special abilities, and you need to build certain flower buildings to get resources so you can build more offensive flowers. It’s a very puzzling and tactical game where you need to plan your moves and build the right flowers to counter different zombie enemies that have a variety of special abilities and attacks.

It’s a challenging game that’s fun to just pick up and play for a while, the game is relatively large with a lot of content to play, and there’s also Plants vs Zombies 2 to play when you get bored of this one or if you completed the game.

Plants vs Zombies on Apple Store

Towers N’ Trolls

towers n' trolls

Towers N’ Trolls is a tower defense game for the iOS (ipad & iphone) where you should defend yourself from waves and waves of trolls, your goal is to protect your home and kill all the troll before they come to your base, if too many trolls enter your home base, you lose. You can build towers that will shoot at the trolls, and there’s a bunch of different towers you can build, all with different attacks and specialties, buy the right towers and place them at the right positions to create maximum carnage on the battlefield. It’s a tactical and a bit brain dead game but it’s still very satisfying when you see the troll dieing like flies, got to try it to understand it.

You get plenty of content in the free version but at a point you will need to unlock more stages, there’s two ways to do this, either unlock by paying real money or you can collect a in-game currency that you get from killing trolls and completing stages, this is how a good free-to-play game should be, it’s always nice to have a option for unlocking content then just paying real money.

Towers n’ trolls on iTunes

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

The third game on the list from Popcap, what can I say? I love Popcap, they make some of the best free mobile games out there if you ask me. Bejeweled Blitz is a classic puzzle game with the goal of stacking & placing at least three diamonds of the same color next to each other so those diamonds blow up, it’s a sort of advanced action three-in-a-row game you could say. It’s hard to explain but you can see the trailer video down below to get a better understanding about the game and it’s gameplay.

Bejeweled Blitz is a perfect game to pick up and play when you’re bored, a round of Bejeweled only takes a few minutes. There’s also a paid version of Bejeweled for $1 that has a lot more game modes, worth checking out if you enjoy Bejeweled Blitz.

Bejeweled Blitz on iTunes

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular mobile games of all times, with millions of players. Candy crush has a very similar gameplay and setup as Bejeweled, it’s a puzzle game where you switch pieces of candy so that 3 or more matching candy are laying next to each other. Each stage has their own challenge and you really need to plan your moves in order to clear the stages, and the game gets really hard later on in the game. You also have a limited amount of lifes (or hearts) that recharges every 30 minutes, and if you don’t complete a stage you lose a life (heart), this is both fun and frustrating because this makes the game so much harder.

There’s like 300 stages in the game, but in order to unlock stages you have to either buy them for real money or connect yourself to Facebook and ask your friends to help you unlock more stages, the Facebook part is something I really hate, but buying the stages to unlock will get really expensive so it’s not really a option for me. The good part is that you only need help from 3 friends in order to unlock new stages.

It’s one of the hardest iOS games I played which makes it so much more rewarding once you complete that god-awful stage that you been playing for the last couple of days.

Candy Crush Saga on iTunes

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