How to get Free Guild Wars 2 Gems

Guild Wars 2 is a one of a kind mmorpg, where there’s no monthly fee at all and that is just amazing and a lot of people will agree with me on that. It’s not necessary to pay for anything ells then the game itself. But there’s some things in the game that’s not free and that’s the precious gems.
Gems in GW2 are a in-game currency that you can use in the gems store. Gems can be bought with real cash and later be used to gain awesome items, account services(exp boost, server transfer) or decorative and cosmetic items like mini-pets for example.
A large majority of the Guild Wars 2 gamers play the game because they want to avoid paying more then just for the game itself, but they still want to gain access to all the cool items that you can buy with the gems. If you feel like this, then this guide is perfect for you. I will show you how you can get as many gems you want for free. This is NOT a quick guide, you will be earning your gems and it will require some work to get them, it’s not like somebody is going to give you a hand full of gems just like that, like I said before: You will earn your gems, but it won’t cost you anything, this guide will show you how to get those gems 100% Free. The guide can also be extremely boring to do, so keep that in mind, you been warned!

So sounds like something for you? Then let’s get started!

Free GW2 gems

Quick Overview

In this guide I will show you how to get free guild wars 2 gems, first I would like to show a quick overview of the guide so you know what to expect if you read this guide

This guide will show you how to get gems for free.
This guide is NOT for anyone who’s lazy. I will show how to earn gems and it will require you to work some for you to get them.
This guide is NOT about anything illegal or a scam.
ThisĀ  dose NOT require you do give out any of your Guild Wars login or any kind of password.
This guide will NOT ask you to download any software or anything similar.

Guild Wars 2 Gems for Free – Let’s get started

Let’s not waste any more time, the guide will begin now!
So how is this possible? How can you get free gems? It’s all thanks to a website called Points2Shop.
You might or might not heard of this website, but let me explain how Points2Shop work.

Points2Shop works like this, on points2shop you can do simple tasks, for example you can do surveys. And for every task you do you get awarded with points that you can exchange for basically anything you like, games, gift cards, electronics and even guild wars 2 gems. The site has a lot of different types of offers and surveys for you to do, but the most typical offer is that you sign up on some free website and complete some simple task.
Points2Shop is easy and very simple to get started with. But like I said before, this website require you to work for the free stuff you want, I wouldn’t call it hard work and that’s what’s great about it. You can spend 10 minutes a day and only do simple tasks, offers and surveys and you will still be able to get your free guild wars gems sooner or later, just don’t expect to get tour gems for free without doing any work, it’s not going to happen.
It all depends on how much effort you want to put into this site, if you work hard and really WORK you can earn a lot! But that’s nothing I would recommend, this site is best used if you want to earn a few dollars a day in exchange for some of your spare time.

How get started with Points2Shop

The first thing you would want to do is to sign up on Points2Shop. You can do it by clicking here or by simply clicking the button below.

Sign up here

Enter your email in this box as seen on the picture below. Make sure you enter a legit and existent email. Because you will have to verify your email after you have registering, it’s important that you verify your email because many function on the site will be unlocked after you done that, also many of the rewards you can get on the site is sent out via email.
You can also register via your Facebook or twitter account, I have never done this but if it’s suits you, go for it.gw2 gems

After you resisted on the site it’s time to earn your gems, and remember what I said before, you need to work in order to get the items you want, it might not always be fun but remember, it’s fun to have those gems in your account later on, and that’s what makes this method worth it, it’s quite boring but it works and that’s what matters. Head over to the earnings area on the site, it is located at the top of the site, it’s hard to miss it, here you will find a huge selection of offers, surveys and other tasks you can do for a reward. Keep doing these rewards until you have enough cash or points to get the reward you want, Guild Wars 2 gems, you can either cash out from the site by getting Paypal money, then just head over to the in-game gem store and get your gems, or you can cash out by getting a gem card, you can find that in the reward gallery on the site, both ways works good, but the Paypal option let’s you cash out for a smaller amount which is nice if you just want a few gems into your account, and the gem card takes much longer but it’s also filled with 2000 gems.

And how long will it take to get the gems you want on Points2Shop? It’s all up to you, how much work and time are you willing to put into the guide, the more work the greater the reward, it’s that simple. I would also suggest you check out the forum on Points2Shop, there you will find more advice from other members, it’s a great resource for anyone getting started with the site. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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    does this actually work and how many gems?

  2. Ginger Reply

    does this actually work and how many gems?

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