How to find local/offline co-op games on Steam


Steam is a great place to find new games to play and there Steam store has thousands of games, you’ll find most of the top game titles in their store, and of course a huge amount of crap games, let’s not forget those, because most of us have some time or another made a bad purchase on Steam, for me it’s usually during sales I made some pretty bad buy decisions and I’ll end up with games worth playing for an hour or so before it gets uninstalled from my computer.

That’s why it’s important to know a few handy tricks when browsing the Steam store, so you find games worth buying instead of junk you want to uninstall. In this mini-guide I will talk about a few tips and tricks you can use to find great offline co-op games on Steam.

What dose Local Co-op games mean?

steam local co-op

First thing first, let’s sort out the term “Local Co-op” first, what dose it really mean? In the Steam store every game is tagged with short tags to explain what features all the games have, you can find a few games on Steam that’s tagged with this, “Local co-op“.

If you do a quick google search on the term it comes up a variety of definitions of this term, but let’s ignore that. What Local co-op means on Steam is games that you can play offline with somebody ells on the same screen. It can be splitscreen or just the same screen. But it’s not referring to co-op where you play online with somebody, Steam got a different game tag for that and that’s a simple “Co-op” tag.

So if you’re looking for games you can play together with people on the same screen, then the Local Co-op tag is what you should be looking for. A heads up though, it’s up to the game’s creators and developers to tag their games, and sometimes they tag their games wrong, and uses the local co-op tag when they should use the co-op tag.

Finding local co-op games on Steam Store

So now we know what Local co-op stands for on Steam how do we find all these Local co-op and offline co-op games in the Steam store? Currently there’s two ways of doing this, you can either go to a local co-op game and click the Local co-op tag, you’ll then get a list of Steam games with offline co-op. I don’t know why but this only works for some people, myself for example can’t click those tags, not in Steam or in the Steam store when in a web browser, some bug I guess, if you have the same bug or can’t find a game that have that tag you don’t have to worry because the second method will work for you then.

The other way of finding these games is simple to follow the link down below, if you click it you’ll get to the Steam store search and all the local co-op games will be shown there.

All the local co-op games on Steam

I have yet to discover a way of searching for these games in the Steam search, I even asked in the support forum how to, and the only answer I got was that I should use any of the two methods above, I find it very odd that Steam hasn’t made it possible to search via tags.

As a final advice I would always recommend that you read up on each game before purchasing, sometimes the co-op tag might be wrong like I mentioned before and sometimes the local co-op part of the game is a very small part of the game, like a mini-game within the game, so always do your research on the games you want to buy to avoid being disappointed. Going on to Youtube and searching for game name + co-op is always a good idea, then you’ll see videos of people playing the co-op of the game your interested in and you’ll get a better understanding of what the co-op mode is all about.

Hope that this mini guide have helped you and that you find some great games to play together.

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