Dota 2 Merchandise – T-Shirts, Figures and Toys

Dota 2 is still a fresh new game on Steam but it already have thousands and thousands of gamers playing it, fans and people who just love this MOBA game. Few games have such a devoted fan base and creative players, much of that is of course thanks to Valve who actively plays a part in the community and providing the gamers and fan the proper tools to make the community fantastic. And of course all the fans out there want to express their love for the game to the public, a getting some Dota merchandise is a perfect way of doing that, there’s already a huge variety and amount of different merchandise out there being sold, everything from T-shirt, toys, life size weapons, figures, jewelery and much much more. It’s really amazing how a game can awake so much creativity among people.

In this post I will show you some of my favorite merchandise for the game, I try to cover every aspect of merch but if I missed something feel free to leave a comment at the bottom and suggest what I should include more in this post. I will start off with some fan made t-shirts from Redbubble and then move on to other things like toys for example. You can click all the pictures on this page to get redirected to the store where you can find the merch I’m displaying.

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DoTA 2 T-shirts and Clothes

There’s plenty of t-shirt with Dota 2 prints, and why wouldn’t you want to blaze around in a Tidehunter t-shirt for example! Or play dota while wearing a Bloodseeker shirt. Why not get a t-shirt with your favorite Dota 2 hero on? There’s few major sites that have merch for this game, and that’s Thinkgeek, Redbubble and J!nx gaming, I included the best t-shirts from all these stops down below, you can click each image to get to the store where you can buy the t-shirt at, enjoy and happy browsing!

RedBubble & Society6 T-Shirt Store

Redbubble is Society6 are community driven t-shirt stores where anyone can submit their designs on the site, then the company behind the shops prints and ships out the shirts to everyone who orders them. Redbubble has the biggest collection of dota2 t-shirt online right now, and I have included some of my personal favorites down below from both sites, I hope you find something you like. Just click on the images to get to the store for bigger pictures and where you can order them.


J!nx Gaming & Geek T-Shirt Store

J!nx is known for their geek and gaming inspired clothing and toys, they have a small collection of DoTA 2 t-shirts for sale and I suggest you check them out, what’s special about the J!nx dota 2 t-shirts is that they all come with a in-game item, but hurry, the items are limited. You can learn more about the t-shirts and see better pictures of the prints by clicking each of the images.

Game art prints

Here’s a new category to this list that’s probably my favorite section, we’re talking about Dota 2 prints and posters, made to decorate your walls and these prints will guaranteely make any gaming room look fantastic.

My personal favorites among these ones is of course the Windrunner and Phantom art prints made by the super talented artist Stanley Lau, I might not be the biggest Dota 2 fan but I wouldn’t hesitate getting one of his art on my walls (if I wasn’t so darn poor). I would also recommend checking out Stanley Lau’s other art work over at Society6, just click any of the two first prints down below to head over to Stanley’s corner over at Society6.

And for the rest of the prints it’s the same deal, just click anything you like to head over to Society6 to look at the art, each print below can be order in a variety of sizes and qualities starting from 7″ x 10″ (the smallest) to 28″ x 40″ (the biggest print available), some of the prints is also possible to get on other types of products, like Tote Bags, iPhone & iPod Skins, Mugs, Cards and even Clocks, how fancy isn’t that? A windrunner mug, geek overload.

Interview with a Dota 2 artist

bounty hunter

Ngok Chin Ngu (aka N2chinz) is a Malaysian artist that have a few of his fantastic Dota 2 art on this list, we decided to take a few minutes to pick his brain, so here comes a short interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
I’m an Illustrator and was a tutor. I have been working in education field for almost 2 years and I mostly assist in foundation classes. Personally I like to draw character design and concept art.
What are you currently working on right now?
I am currently working on my own personal IP and some Dota 2 fan art while preparing for my further study in the UK.
What motivated you to create fan art inspired by Dota 2?
I personally love play Dota 2 and I was inspired after took part in a Dota 2 Tribute contest that I try Chibi style on it. After that it felt like a good idea to start drawing Dota 2 Fan Art.
What’s your favorite hero in Dota 2?
My favorite heroes in Dota 2 are Spirit Breaker, Bristleback, Ogre Magi, Phantom Lancer, and Nyx Assassin.
What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you playing right now?
My all time favorite games of course are Dota 2, and as well as call of Duty series, Starcraft 2, Transformers series and Halo series. I currently play Dota 2 most of the time.
Where can we find & buy your Dota 2 art?
My DoTA 2 art stuff can be found at Society6 (Link: society6.com/N2chinz) and also at Steam Dota 2 Workshop (Link: steamcommunity.com/id/N2chinz/)

Art by N2chinz

DoTA 2 Toys & Action Figures

The truth is that we’re all kids, we all want to play and we all want toys. And what more could a true DoTA 2 gamers ask for then to play Dota for real, with these toys you can! Or just have them because they look good, I guess not everyone is as childish as me.

There’s both soft Plushie and Inflatable Donkey toys, the inflatable is 3 feet tall, so it’s no tiny little donkey. There’s also the limited edition life size shield and sword from Weta, these are expensive and fantastic quality, only for the serious dota 2 player if you ask me, look great hanging on the wall for example.

Dota 2 Merchandise Video

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