Digimon Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters, Figures, Iphone cases & more

Digimon or Digital Monsters is a massive franchise from Japan that includes everything from anime, tv shows, toys and a huge range of video games with everything from the popular free-to-play MMORPG, the Digimon Masters to racing games, trading card games but mainly a number of action role-playing games. This list is for all you Digimon fans out, no matter if you just love the anime, the tv show, any of the video games or just think Digimon is awesome just in general you will all find something you will love in this list of merchandise. I will try to include as many different merchandise as possible and try to please all you different fans out there. You can use this list to help you find gifts for someone who loves the show or just to find stuff you want for yourself.

The list will include T-shirts, Clothes, Posters, Iphones cases and also Toys & Figures from the video games and TV show. Please note that this list have affiliate links in it, that means if you make a purchases via any of the links on this page Foxygamer will make a small commission on the sale, nothing that effects you really but it’s worth to mention.

digimon merchandise

Digimon T-shirts & Clothing

We’re going to start off this list with some Digimon t-shirts, these t-shirts comes from a store called Redbubble, there anyone can upload their prints and sell them on T-shirts for example, so all the t-shirt prints that you see down below are made by other fans from all around the world. I taken the best Digimon t-shirts from the site, some of my personal favorites among these shirt are the Guilmon at the top, the design is very clean and I love the background scribble. Another favorite is the Omnimon t-shirt print, also this one has a very clean expression and just looks so cool. The  Evolution of Monsters is also a great t-shirt if you ask me, this one comes in two different versions, a dark & light version.

You can click each image to get to the store page, there you’ll see a bigger image of the print among many things. All the t-shirts comes in a selection of different sizes & colors.

Fancy Digimon Iphone cases

Also the iphone cases are fan made from Redbubble. There’s some very clean and simple designs with some colorful and fun colors, perfect designs to make a iphone look fun & cool. You can order Digimon iphone cases for all the different versions of the iphone. Just click any of the iphone cases below to get a better look at them.

Epic Digimon Figures & Action Figures

Here’s some Digimon toys and figures in different price classes and quality, some of these are pricey and are just made for looking at, and other figures in this list are toys meant to be played with, these are of course much cheaper then the display figures. My personal favorite among all the Digimon toys and figures is the Dukemon Digimon (the first figure in the gallery below) this toy is built with great quality and you can even twist and turn the figures limbs to make it do the pose you want it to do, recommend figure that isn’t that expensive either. All these toys can be bought at Amazon, just click the images to get to the store page.

Digimon Posters and Wall art

Last but not least we got some Digimon Posters from the Digimon Movies and Tv series, perfect for someone who’s a fan of the TV show.

I’m not the biggest Digimon fan out there so if you think I missed some merchandise or other Digimon related item on this list that you think should be in it, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your suggestion and I’ll might feature your suggestion. And once again thanks for stopping by and I hope you found something you love on the list.

Digimon merchandise Video

Creepy bonus

Rubie’s Kids ‘Digimon Patamon’ Halloween Costume

digimon costume

You can say a lot about this costume, but when something look this creepy, what more is there to say? Looks like a big naked old man with a bat on his head, this is nothing I would suggest anyone buying…ever.


  1. Jacob S Reply

    I have an older, definitely imported, Digimon turtleneck long sleeve.. Would you have any way of determining its value or forwarding me to someone who may know?

    • Jonas Welin Reply

      I’m afraid I have no idea. My best advice would be to head over to Ebay and see if they have something similar being sold there.
      Or check out some Digimon forum and ask there.

  2. marie Reply

    Is any of this merch available?????? i click on it and nothing happens…. is this page expired? D:

    • Jonas Welin Reply

      Not sure what you mean. Everything seems to work and are available for me. Try refreshing the page maybe?

  3. laughing digidestine Reply

    Random Diglett is random. If any Pokemon could sneak in a Digimon website, it would be him.

    Thanks for compiling this list. 🙂

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