The best Diablo Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters, Stickers & more

Diablo is the one of the greatest RPGs of all time, it’s a long running series but Blizzard has manage to keep the series fresh and relevant though out time. The gamers love for Blizzard is undeniable really, they produced so many great game series that the fans just love em, everything from World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft and of course the Diablo games,  and when you got such devoted fans that Blizzard has you need to give them what they want, and that is of course, loot! In this post I will list some of my favorite Diablo loot/merchandise, the best merchandise a geek can get, there’s merchandise from all the Diablo games in this list, from the classic that started it all, Diablo 1, to the long runner Diablo 2 and of course there’s plenty of merchandise for Diablo 3, huge selection of t-shirts for example.

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Diablo T-shirts & Clothing

We’ll start off with some Diablo t-shirts from the geek & gaming store Jinx. everything from t-shirts with Diablo himself, to class t-shirts with symbols from each class in Diablo 3, or why not go old school and get a t-shirt with the logo for Diablo 2. There’s plenty of different t-shirts and clothing to choose from, just click any of the pictures below to get more info, and the t-shirts comes in all shapes and sizes, including male & female versions.

More Diablo T-shirts from Design by Humans and Society6

Both Society6 and Design by humans are both stores filled with a lot of cool t-shirts and other products made by fans and the communities, and there’s also plenty of great looking Diablo t-shirts and I included some of my personal favorites down below if you want to have a lookies, just click any of the designs to have a closer look.

Diablo Posters and Art prints

Next up are some pretty bad ass posters in a variety of dimensions & sizes. How about some art prints with all the classes in Diablo 3 or why not go for the classics and get a Diablo 2 poster to hang on your wall, you can find all the posters on Amazon by clicking each image. The price range for these posters differ and also the quality, it’s always a good move to read some customer reviews before buying when shopping on Amazon.

Sticky sticky Diablo 3 Stickers

How about a sticker with your favorite Diablo 3 class? You get two stickers in each pack. Perfect to place on your computer, laptop or where ever you want. Can also be find on Jinx geek & gaming store.

Epic looking Diablo Mouse pads

Up next are some pretty sweet Diablo 3 mouse pads for your gaming setup, the mouse pads comes with every class in the game, the barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor and of course the Wizard. Check them out by clicking the thumbnail to see some larger pictures of them.

The Story & the books of Diablo

If you want to know more about the story behind and around the Diablo games I suggest you check out these books, these are the book about the world of Diablo, if you’re a huge fan of Diablo I’m sure you’ll enjoy these books. Check them out by clicking the images. (The books are not in the correct order I’m afraid, I haven’t read them myself so I have no clue.)

Diablo 3 Gaming Gear from Steelseries – Mouse & Headset

There’s even some official Diablo 3 gaming gear from Steelseries, there’s the gaming mouse and headset, both are built with quality to last hours upon hours of gameplay. Steelseries are known for their high quality gaming gear with official gear for some of the top games out there.

I hope you found something you liked in this list or that you at least enjoyed looking at some bad ass Diablo merchandise! Thanks for reading and make sure to like the list if you enjoyed it!

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