How to buy Steam games much cheaper then on the Steam Store

There’s plenty of great games on Steam, but you can’t buy them all can you, that would be a very expensive story, but using this guide you can at least save some money on buying games. It’s a rather simple method and a lot of gamers on Steam already knows about this way of buying Steam games, we’re going to take advantage of Steam sales/discounts and the fact that people in other countries can buy the exact same games as you but a lot cheaper, for example, the prices in the Steam store in Brazil is way cheaper then in the USA, same games but different prices. But how dose this effect you? Well you can trade these people using Steam trade and that way get the games you want, most of the time you’ll be saving a lot of money buying games from other people compared to buying from the Steam store.

Buying games this way is almost always cheaper because of two reasons, the first reason I already talked about, that people from other regions and countries can buy games a lot cheaper then you can, they then resell the games for some profit, but you can still get games really really cheap this way even if they take some profit out of the whole transaction.

The second reasons is because of Steam sales and Steam discounts. There’s always some great deals and sales on  Steam where you can buy games with discounts with up to 50-75%%, and also each summer Steam has a crazy summer sale where most of the games are being sold with some great discounts. But what if the game you’re looking isn’t for sale right now or if you missed the sale, well chances are that somebody bought up a bunch of copies of the game while the game was on sale so that they can resell the game later for a profit (but still at a great price) this is actually more common then you would think. If you know where to look you can find plenty of people selling games at Steam sale prices.

I quick heads up before we start, keep in mind that some games are region locked, always check if a game is region locked before you buy it. The other thing is that this guide works the best if you’re in a country that have expensive games, the guide works for all countries it’s just that it will work better if you’re in a “expensive” country.

cheap Steam games

Where to find people that are selling Cheap Steam games?

tf2 outpost

There’s a few trading websites that you can go to in order to find people that are selling games, but in this guide I will only use one site called TF2 Outpost, it’s a trading site where people can trade Steam items with each other, mainly Team Fortress 2 items (TF2), here you’ll find plenty of people that are willing to trade Steam games for TF2 keys and also other TF2 items, but most people are looking for keys, the keys are used as currency for many transactions when it comes to buying and selling games.

If you don’t have any keys then don’t worry, just head over to the Steam community markets and buy some keys. Each key cost around 1,6€ (around $2,1)

The Steam community market is a place where players can buy and sell Steam items from each other using Steam funds, it’s a good place to go to if you want to buy some TF2 keys.

steam community market

Now I’m going to show you a quick example of me buying Borderlands 2 and show you step by step how to buy/trade TF2 keys for Steam games.

First we head over to TF2outpost to find somebody selling Borderlands 2 for a fair price, click here to head over to the site, TF2 Outpost, a word of advice before you start using this site is that there’s plenty of scammers and other scum lurking around here. Never click any links that people post, there’s a lot of phishing links being posted by hackers and spammers so be cautious.

First thing you need to do when you’re starting to use this site is to login with your Steam account, click the green button at top right of the screen that says “Sign in through Steam”, you then be redirected to the Steam community page, there just enter your password and username, make sure you’re at the right place every time you’re entering your Steam password, only enter your password on the official community page for Steam (https://steamcommunity.com)

After you logged in it’s time to search for the game that you’re looking for. Click Search at the top menu tab, you’ll see a something similar to this there;

tf2 outpost search

Just enter what you’re looking for and then choose the right category, if you’re looking games you should check under Steam inventory. You’ll then get a bunch of images of games, trading cards and other stuff, find the game that you’re looking for and click it. Then go down to the bottom of the page and click Search.

You’ll now see a bunch of different people offering to trade or sell the game that you search for, browse around and see what people are selling the game for, take your time and don’t just buy from the first person, see who has the best price for the game that you’re looking for. In my example with Borderlands 2 I found a seller that is willing to sell the game for 7 TF2 keys, so how much is that then in real money? Let’s do the math. One key is around 1,6€, so that’s 7 keys x 1,6 = 11,2 €. That’s more then half what Borderlands 2 cost in the Steam store, it costs 29,99 € in the store, so I would save 18,79 € buying Borderlands 2 this way. Sounds good to me.

Always double check what you’re buying so that you’re not buying something that regional locked or limited in any way. Also check out the TF2Outpost profile and Steam profile of the seller to see if the person seems legit.

You won’t find every game on Steam on TF2outpost and you won’t save this much money each time either. In the example with Borderlands 2 the summer sale was just a few weeks ago and people bought the game at some crazy discounts, that’s the main reason why it was so cheap. But it’s always worth a try to search and see if you can find the game you’re looking for on TF2outpost.

If you’re having any trouble with using TF2 Outpost they have a great help section where you can find all the information you need in order to use the site. You’ll find the help section over here; TF2outpost Help and Rules

Buying the TF2 keys

Steam community market

Now we need some Team Fortress 2 keys in order to buy the game I want, TF2 keys will be used as currencies in the transaction. So I head over to the community market, to get to the community market on Steam just click “community” then click “Market”. Here you’ll find a bunch of items being sold by other players, head over to the search bar and type in “Mann Co. Supply Crate Key” in the search or find the page for Mann Co. Supply Crate Key. Here you’ll find the listings for all the keys that are being sold by other players.


tf2 keys listing

Click the Buy now button for a key that has a decent price, (around 1,6€ or $2,1) If some somebody bought the key before you, then just refresh the page and try buying another key.

Trading and Activating your game

When you bought the keys and you found a offer that you want then it’s time to do the transaction, just add the person that is selling the game on Steam and send that person a message, then trade the person, you’ll receive the game as a gift item. After the trade is done you needs to activate the game before you can play it, to do that you need to head over to your Steam inventory (Steam Top Menu – Your Username – Inventory)

Head over to the Steam tab and you should find your game here, click the game then find and click the button that says Add to my Game Library. Once you added the game to your library the game will be bound to your account forever and you can now install it and play it.

borderlands 2

Is this allowed or is it against Steam’s Rules?

That’s it, that’s the whole method of buying Steam games a lot cheaper then on the Steam store, some of you might think this isn’t allowed or against the Steam rules, but there’s nothing in the rules that says it’s not allowed to trade items with each other on Steam, if it wouldn’t be allowed then trading games wouldn’t even be possible in the first place on Steam. All items that can be traded is allowed to be traded, it’s pretty simple.

If these games would have been traded for real money on the other hand it would have been a completely different story. The Steam rules clearly states that that’s not allowed, but trading items for items, or items for steam games is no problem. So don’t worry and just do it.

Recap of the Guide: Cheap Steam games

Here’s a quick recap of the guide.

  1. Buy Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys on the Steam Community Market
  2. Head over to TF2 Outpost and Search and find a good deal for the game you want.
  3. Compare the price on TF2 Outpost with the price on the Steam Store, if you’re saving money then proceed.
  4. Add the trader to your friend list on Steam.
  5. Trade keys for the game.
  6. Activate the game and put it into your Steam game library.



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