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games like far cry

Games like Far Cry – Game Suggestion

In this post I compiled a list of games that I think you would enjoy if you’re a fan of the Far Cry series, we’re not talking about exact same types of games here, it’s more like games that has some features that you can find in Far Cry, we’re talking fun action filled game that’s worth playing for PC, Xbox 360, Mac and Ps3. Let’s spread the destruction. I’ll include a short
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games like fable

Games like Fable – Action RPGs for PC, Xbox 360 & PS3

The game series Fable started way back in 2004 and was soon a popular game because of many things including the freedom the game gave the players, the action filled combat and the many great RPG elements in the game. Since 2004 there’s been three games in the Fable series and they all been great RPGs. But what if you already played those games but you love the series and want to find similar games to play, then
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Little Big Planet Karting Review

Little Big Planet Karting is the 3rd game in the series if you don’t count the game that where released for PS Vita, the past Little Big Planet games have been traditional platformer games set in a creative and wonderful world, Karting is not yet another platform it’s a racing game, but it still has the same creativity and style as the past games. If you ever played Mario Kart you will recognize a lot of
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Dragon Age header

Games like Dragon Age – Action Fantasy & Sci-Fi RPGs

There’s plenty of Role Playing games for both PC and console, but far from all the games are any good, it can be a bit tricky finding games you like when there’s so many bad RPGs and bad games in general. This list is for all you Dragon Age fans out there, if you liked the Dragon Age games it’s a high chance you will enjoy some of the games on the list, they’re not all exactly like Dragon Age,
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Games like Battlefield (Free and Paid FPS)

I know it’s hard to compare with DICE’s incredible game series Battlefield, I been a fan since Battlefield 1942 back in the days and I been playing this game series since then, everything from Battlefield heroes, the free-to-play version, Battlefield 2 and of course my personal favorite BF3. But I guess you know all about this game series already and you’re looking for something ells, some other fir
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dota 2 header

Games like Dota 2 (the Best MOBA games)

You might got bored of Dota 2 or just want to try some other similar MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games) then this guide is for you, I’m going to list some of the most popular games like Dota 2 in this post, and I hope you find some game that suits your taste in games. I will list both free MOBA games and paid game too, so what ever you feel like playing I’m sure we can find a game for you.
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Games like Guild Wars 2

Games like Guild Wars 2 (GW2)

Finding good MMORPGs to play can be hard sometimes, considering there’s thousands of MMOs out on the gaming market, and finding that special game that suits you and your game style can be very difficult, this is the exact problem I was facing when I got bored of Guild Wars 2, don’t get me wrong GW2 is a amazing MMO filled with thousands of things to do, I had a blast playing through several classes to lev
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