Call of Duty Merchandise – The best T-shirts, Figures, Posters & Clothing

Call of Duty, one of the biggest gaming series in the world, not many game series got this many devoted fans that love each and every game that they produce. But when you have these many devoted fans it’s only natural that there’s a insane amount of different Call of Duty Merchandise available online, there’s everything from t-shirts, posters, toys, figures and other clothing all with Call of Duty on it, the fans love it, or maybe not all the merchandise, because there’s some pretty crap Call of Duty merch out there really, but don’t worry! That’s why I’m here, I’m here to save you the trouble of going through endless shops with bad Call of Duty, instead I bring you only the very best! (from my perspective any way)

I collected the very best of all Call of Duty merchandise in one place, all you need to do is browse around here and look at all these bad ass stuff, if you find something you like then just click the image and you’ll get redirected to the store that has the loot you’re looking for. Hope you find something you want and enjoy your stay here.

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call of duty merchandise

Call of Duty T-shirts and Clothing

A true Call of Duty fan doesn’t just play the game, they also wear the game everywhere they go, these Call of Duty T-shirts are perfect for any true fan that wants to show off their love for the game. Most of the t-shirts comes from either Jinx gaming, which is a clothing store specialized in gaming wear & clothing, or from Redbubble which is a community/t-shirt store where you can buy fan-made t-shirts from thousands of members of the site, you can find some pretty unique t-shirts in their store, I included the best of these two t-shirt stores and also included a few from other stores online, just click the t-shirt pictures to get to the store where they sell that specific t-shirt. (All t-shirt comes in a variety of sizes and most are available for both men and female)

Call of Duty T-shirts & Clothing from Jinx

We start off with some CoD t-shirts from Jinx gaming store, they got some pretty sweet t-shirts over there.

Call of Duty T-shirts from Redbubble

Here’s some more CoD t-shirts from Redbubble, all shirts are made by fans for the fans, just click any picture to have a better look on the t-shirt design. My personal favorite is probably the CoD kittens, both cute and bad ass!

Call of Duty Toys, Figures & Gadgets

Now time for some Figures, gadgets and random Call of Duty items, how about your very own Call of Duty lighter? Or some Call of Duty Dog tags to hang around your neck? Or get the soundtrack for CoD Black Ops II, it’s all good, just click anything you like to find out more about that item.

Call of Duty Gaming Accessories

CoD Mouse, Headsets, Earbuds & Mouse pads

Here’s some gaming gear for all you Call of Duty fans, official gaming headset, mouse and mouse pad, everything you need for the perfect game setup, gear up! Everything is build with quality in order to last for a long time.

Call of Duty Posters

If you love Call of Duty why not show it on the walls, here’s some of the finest Call of Duty poster from a bunch of the different CoD games, buy yourself a poster from your favorite Call of Duty game.

Call of Duty Iphone & Ipad cases

If you own either a iphone or ipad these next items might be something for you, these are ipad and iphone soft & hard cases with the Call of Duty logo, comes in bad ass black or stunning orange. The last item is stickers made for your laptop/PC or anywhere ells you would like to put those epic stickers, click the image to get a closer look and a description.



  1. Brandon Benson Reply

    I have looked for a bandana style face mask for winter and cannot find one like they use in the game. I want a replica of the in game mask even with the detail of the dirt on it. I am a runner for my college and it would be the best if I could support my favorite game while I run.

    • Grey Poupon Reply

      Think I seen one of those on Amazon

  2. William R. DeBernardi Reply

    Hi my name is William D.; I’m looking for CoD hats,caps,beanie whatever you call them i just want to see what you guys have…?,…..Thanks..

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