Where to buy cheap TF2 keys, metal & items for real money

There’s two official ways of buying TF2 keys, you either go in-game in Team Fortress 2 to the Mann co store and get your keys over there, or you can head over to the Steam community market and get your TF2 crate keys there. The community market is generally much cheaper then the Mann co store, because you’re buying your keys from other players and they’re competing with the prices to get their keys sold, driving the prices down. But neither of these ways of buying keys is that cheap, what other ways is there to buy cheap TF2 keys? In this post I will show you places and sites where you can buy TF2 keys from.

Keep in mind that all the sites listed here are unofficial retailers for TF2 keys, with that comes a risk of either getting scammed or buying keys from scammers/hijackers, there’s no need to worry as long as you’re careful and cautious of what you’re doing, but you should always keep in mind that there’s a risk involved buying from these sites/persons.

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TF2Shop – Buy TF2 keys & items

tf2shop logo

TF2Shop is the largest site that sells keys and other TF2 items out there, they usually have a large supply of keys and unusual and pretty much any item you can think about. My advice would be to only buy keys and metal from their site, the rates for other items feels a bit off and aren’t as updated as they should be. They got a lot of unusual hats also if you’re into that sort of thing.

The keys cost around $2 on TF2Shop and you can pay by using Paypal which is great. The website has a good reputation and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by TF2Shop. The rates are a bit higher then if you would buy keys from a player that’s selling them, but using this shop is much safer, so if you want to be sure that you won’t get scammed then TF2Shop is for you, minimal risk and good rates. Worth checking out.

  • + Very little risk of getting scammed
  • + The store has good reputation
  • + Always keys in stock
  • + 24/7 trading with bots, get your items within minutes
  • + Easy to trade
  • – The prices of keys are higher then other places (still cheaper then official supplier)


You can find their Shop by clicking over here – TF2Shop

SourceOp Forums

TF2 keys for sale


Another place to buy tf2 keys cheap is the SourceOP forums. SourceOP is the biggest and one of the first forums when it comes to trading TF2 items for cash. Here anyone can sell their items for cash, buying from this forum involves a lot more risk then buying from the TF2Shop but the good thing about it is that the rates for keys are much lower, you can buy TF2 keys for as low as $1,65/key, it’s hard to find keys this cheap really. But like I said before there’s a much greater risk of you getting scammed if you’re using this forum.

If you decide to buy keys from here I strongly suggest you take your time looking through the forum and read the comments, don’t just go for the seller with the lowest price, instead take the seller that seems the most trustworthy and that has a lot of great comments and good reputation, a few cents more for a key can really save you from getting scammed. Also stay away from sellers that sell keys way to cheap, if the price is too good then there’s probably something fishy going on, just use your common sense and don’t be greedy.

  • + Extremely cheap keys
  • – If you don’t know what you’re doing there’s a risk of getting scammed.
  • – Some seller demand that you have good reputation in order to buy from them.
  • Some sellers will ask you to go first.

You can find the SourceOp Forums by clicking here

Marketplace.TF – TF2 e-store


Another relatively new place where you can find keys to buy is Marketplace.tf, the site has a very similar concept as TF2Shop, with easy to use trading bots in a e-store type site. The store is filled with all kinds of items, everything from unusual to keys, everything you could ever want for competitive prices (around the same price range as TF2Shop really). So even though it’s a new site I see no reason to trust it, it’s the same guys that runs the site Scrap.tf and they’re know to do a fine job managing that site. Marketplace already have plenty of happy customers and what I can tell the support/help seems to work as it should (though I can’t swear on it because I haven’t ordered anything yet.)

At the moment you can only pay with Google Wallet over at Marketplace.tf, which is quite a convenient payment solution, easy to setup and easy to use, you either pay with credit card or a Bank account using google wallet,  it’s sort of Google’s version of Paypal.

  • + A lot of items to choose from in their store (sells more then just keys)
  • + Automated bots for fast and trusted trading
  • + Trustworthy store
  • – You can only pay with Google Wallet
  • – Keys are cheap but it’s possible to find much cheaper keys from sellers in forums (see above)


Find Marketplace.TF here

Bazaar TF2 item & key shop

bazaar logo

Last on the list is the buying and selling site Bazaar.tf, it’s mainly a trading site for TF2 items where users can make their own listings for items, but they also have a small TF2 item shop where you can buy TF2 keys, metal and a few other items for real money using Paypal. All the items comes from the community and members from the site, you can buy premium membership on Bazaar.tf which costs either TF2 items or money, that’s where all the keys come from.

The rates for keys on Bazaar are $1.80/key, which is a good price, cheaper then TF2shop but a bit pricier then you can find on SourceOp forums, on the plus site is that you’re dealing with a site with a good reputation that you can trust, you know the site won’t scam you because it would hurt their reputation and trust. Bazaar’s TF2 shop is a mixture of the low prices of SourceOP and the trust & convenience you get from buying keys from TF2Shop. The only downside would be that the supply is rather limited and you won’t always find keys in the shop, but for the most time they have both keys and metal in stock.

  • + Cheap key prices
  • + Trustworthy shop
  • – It’s possible to find cheaper keys
  • Only one supplier, so the wait time for getting your items can be longer then the other sites


Bazaar.tf – Trading site

Bazaar.tf item Shop

  1. Tams80 Reply

    I usually buy at TF2Shop, fast and easy, but I will follow your suggestion and try one of those forums and see how it goes buy from there, sure there’s a chance of getting scammed but my god that’s some cheap keys!
    Cheers for the suggestion!

    • Jonas Welin Reply

      Worth giving it a shot for sure! 🙂
      And most traders aren’t scammers, you just have to be careful.

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