Borderlands Merchandise – T-Shirts, Toys & Action figures & Posters

Borderlands and Borderlands is no exception when it comes to gaming merchandise, just like most AA games out there Borderlands has a variety of different merchandise to please the geek within you, we’re talking t-shirts, toys, figures and much much more, in this list I have collected some of my favorite Borderlands merchandise for you to play/watch/wear/own/drool over, I tried to include as much different merch as possible so that no matter what kind of Borderlands stuff you’re looking for you can find it right here in this list.

You can click on each image in this post to get to the store that’s selling that specific item/t-shirt or whatever, some of the stores feature in this post are Redbubble T-shirt store and Amazon.com, now it’s time to start the list and I hope you find something you like here. Also if you have any suggestions of items I should feature on this list feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page with a suggestion.

Also note that this post contains affiliate links, which means we, at Foxygamer may earn a small commission from all purchases made through the affiliate links.

borderlands merchandise

Borderlands T-shirts & Clothing

I’ll start off with some Borderlands T-shirts from both Redbubble and Amazon, the t-shirts with the Borderlands logo are from Amazon and the more playful and fun t-shirts are from Redbubble, like for example the clap trap and Marcus t-shirts. Just click any t-shirt that you like to get to the store that’s selling it.

Borderlands figures, Toys & action figures

Next up are some action figures and collectables from the game, how about a Claptrap robot? You can choose from one of three colors, blue, yellow or brown, these are quality figures made by the toys and figure company NECA, who are known for their gaming related figures, they made figures for games like Team Fortress 2, Assassin’s Creed, Portal and many many more. The Psycho figure is also from NECA and it’s also built with some great quality but keep in mind that the Psycho figure is more of a toy/action figure. They all come at a reasonable price and you can get the Claptraps for less then $20 each.

Borderlands 2 Posters & Prints

If you’re looking for Borderlands posters to put on your wall then this is the place, here we have a few posters from Amazon, colorful, badass and just overall good looking. These posters and art prints comes in a bunch of different sizes and qualities, click the images to find out more about them.

Borderlands Iphone Case

Here are a few Iphone cases with Borderlands images on them, make sure you order the right iphone case for your version of iphone, because all cases won’t fit all versions of the iphone, just a heads up. My personal favorite among all these cases  is the one with a upclose shot with a Psycho face, loving the glow out his eyes and it’s a great looking case.

Borderlands & Borderlands 2 Soundtrack

If you like the music from the two Borderlands game I would suggest you check these two last items on the list, these are the soundtracks from Borderlands and Borderlands 2. You can even head over to Amazon and hear samples from these soundtracks, just click any of the two images and click Listen to Samples to get a 30 second preview of each song on these soundtracks.

Borderlands Merchandise Video


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