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One of the biggest FPS games right now is of course the Battlefield series, with a ton of games in the BF series filled with vehicle and infantry action that you just can’t find in any other game on the market, so there’s no wonder that Battlefield and DICE has created a massive following over the many years they been active, and it’s not just about the newest and latest games in the series, even today gamers are still playing the old games in the Battlefield series, Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 still have active communities and plenty of fans still enjoying these fantastic games. That games that old still have dedicated fans is for me a true stamp of quality of the Battlefield games, it just shows how great these games are, and that’s why I’m a Battlefield fan, the quality of the games.

Enough talking for me, you already know why you love Battlefield, but that’s not why you’re here, you’re here for the Battlefield merchandise. In this post I will list some of the best Battlefield posters, t-shirts and other merchandise that you can buy online, I will be listing merchandise from a mix of BF games. If you find something you like, simply click that image and you’ll get redirected to the store that sells that merch.

battlefield merchandise

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Battlefield T-shirts & Clothing

Here’s a few BF t-shirts from Jinx gaming & geek store (the official retailer of Battlefield) and a few fan made t-shirts from the t-shirt and print community store Redbubble. I personally think the Battlefield 4 box art t-shirt looks amazing (the one with the man running) the flame effect looks pretty bad ass. I also like the Damavand Peak t-shirt, looks sleek and stylish, and the fact that I absolutely love the Damavand Peak map in BF3 is also a major factor in why I love it!

Sadly there isn’t that many fan made Battlefield t-shirts out there, I don’t know why because most games with a huge following like BF has a ton of fan made merch, games like DoTA2, World of Warcraft and even Call of Duty have a lot more merchandise, we’re talking about hundreds of t-shirt design really, oh well…for now this is as good as it gets for us BF fans.

Posters and Art prints

Next up there’s a few posters that will make any wall look good, you’ll see art from both BF3, BF4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam. Oddly I like the Vietnam poster the most, even though that’s one of the few BF games I haven’t played.

Other BF4 merchandise

In this last category of things we have a bit of a mix of items up for grabs, the first item is a official limited edition Battlefield 4 Watch, it’s made out of stainless steel and it’s water-resistant to 100 meters deep, expensive? Yes. But it’s a must for any hardcore Battlefield fan nonetheless. The rest of the BF merchandise isn’t that exclusive as the watch, you’ll find key chains, Bracelets, textile Patches with the BF4 logo and the very fancy Battlefield 4 hat, perfect for any BF geek head!

Thanks for checking out my list and I hope you find something worth drooling on! If you have any suggestion of your own of BF merchandise that should be on this list feel free to leave a comment down below with the suggestion. Also if you like this list make sure to share and like it with your friends, I would really appreciate that.

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