The Best alternative Adventure Time Merchandise

Adventure Time over at cartoon network took a huge step into the gaming world when they released the Nintendo DS & 3DS game, “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!” and in late 2013 they also released their RPG game “Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!” a dungeon crawling RPG with all the beautiful design and graphics from the show.

But let’s move this post on because what this post is really about is amazing merchandise of course, I will list my personal favorites when it comes to Adventure Time merchandise and I hope you find some radical stuff to buy in here. I have tried to avoid the official Cartoon Network store and other major retailers because it’s most likely that you already know about those stuff and for me this list is showing you guys the hidden gems when it comes to Adventure Time stuff. (hopefully)

As always, you can click all the image in the list and you’ll then get redirected to the store that has these merch.

Please Note that this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchases via some of the links in this post me and the site will earn a small commission, it’s nothing that will effect you really but I’m just letting you know.

adventure time merchandise

Adventure Time T-shirts and fancy clothes

First off we got some T-shirts from the geeky clothing store Superherostuff, we know that Jake & Finn are true adventurous super heroes, so what better place to check out some t-shirts then there. There’s  for example a Finn t-shirts with the quote “That’s so math!”, with Finn’s big beautiful face on it, or you can check out one of the many yellow Jake t-shirts. My personal favorite when it comes to these t-shirts I have to say is the Expressions of Finn t-shirt, on that shirt you’ll see a bunch of crazy crazy expressions that Finn have through out the episodes of the show, these kinds of expressions IS Adventure Time for me.

Here we have something different then you would expect when it comes to Adventure Time merchandise, these are fan made t-shirts that can be found over at the community store Redbubble. All these shirt designs are made by fans like you and me, people can upload their designs on Redbubble and then those designs will be sold and printed by the company, it’s a great mixture of creative freedom and professional production that creates some really unique and fantastic t-shirt designs, there’s also a lot of crap designs on the site, because anyone can upload, but fear not! I have collected down below my favorite Adventure Time t-shirts from the site so that you don’t have to look through all the bad t-shirts, enjoy!

There’s plenty of Adventure Time mashups with other shows for example, Pokemon, Doctor Who,  Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Bioshock, just to name a few.

Finn And Jake Posters & Art Prints

Now it’s time for Adventure Time prints and posters that will make any wall pretty as hell, all these posters can be found on Amazon, just click any image to head over there. My absolute favorite is the last poster, where Jake & Finn is featuring a remake of a classic moment from the great anime movie “My neighbour Totoro“, you have to have seen that movie in order to understand that posters awesomeness, but it’s still a very pretty poster without the reference back to the original.

The best part with these posters is that they’re crazy cheap, you don’t have to pay much for a pretty big poster actually, but a bit of a heads up, if the price is crazy low the quality will suffer, I’m not saying these are bad quality but I can only imagine that the quality might not be the best if the price is super low, so as always when buying stuff on Amazon, read the customer reviews and see what other customers think of the prints.

Radical Adventure Time Apparel and Clothing

Here’s even more Adventure Time clothing from Superherostuff. Though it not your ordinary merchandise here, we’re talking fabulous Adventure Time underwear and other apparel. How about a huge Finn Face on your boxers? Yeah..why not? These odd clothing makes perfect gifts for the true Adventure Time fan

There’s also less odd clothing here, like the Adventure Time Heck Yeah! Cap or any of the tank tops with either BMO, Marceline or Rainicorn. Just a heads up though, some of these clothes comes only in Junior sizes.


Adventure Time Toys, Plushies & Figures

Time for more merchandise from Amazon, and now it’s time for some Toys and Figures that comes in a variety of materials and sizes.  You’ll find a bunch of characters from the show including Fionna, Ice King, Bubblegum princess and of course Jake & Finn themself just to name a few.

And like I suggested when it comes to the posters on amazon, always read the customer reviews over at Amazon for these toys and figures too.

Costumes and hats

The last category on this list of merchandise is Adventure time costumes and hats, perfect for Halloween, costume parties or if you just want to dress up as you favorite Adventure Time character. There’s not a huge variety of costumes on Amazon but there are a few, there’s for example a Finn costume for kids, you can also get Finn’s sword and for the adults there’s also a Finn & Ice King mask/hat that you can get, looks fantastic! Click any of the pictures to get a better look over at Amazon.

Thanks for check out this list and feel free to leave a comment if you liked the list or if you have any suggestions of your own.


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