I’m Jonas from Sweden and I’m the creator of Foxygamer. I been interested in gaming and gaming culture since I was around 14 years old. It started with a Playstation one and ended in a gaming blog I guess.

This is Foxygamer, my gaming blog.

Gaming isn’t my only interest, I love making art, listing to music, crafts, sculptures, great TV series and fuzzy things among many many thing. I hope all my other interest will inspire me in the gaming topics I choose to write about. I’m a huge fan of gaming fan art and I hope I will be able to create some fantastic post with some of my favorite gaming art, because there’s geeks out there with some crazy artistic talent.

My favorite games right now is Guild Wars 2, Dota 2, Uncharted series, Battlefield, Team Fortress 2 and anything Steam touches. So you can expect posts, guide and news about these games and platforms for sure, I’m also a huge fan of Sony Playstation and I love making list of great games for that console, but generally Foxygamer will be a mix of gaming news, art, guides and a lot other gaming related topics, I hope you the readers will find some of my posts interesting. I’m also always up for suggestions of topics I should write about, so feel free to send me a message and give me your opinion. You can contact me with the form over here. Contact me

The blog consists of 6 main categories:

Game lists, Game Suggestions, Gaming Guides, Gaming Merchandise, Steam Guides and News

I’m always up for guest posting and doing exchanges with other gaming sites,blogs and gamers, feel free to contact me about that too, just head over to the contact page and we can talk about a collaboration,

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Thanks for your support and I hope you find something interesting to read on my blog.

Picture of me

 This is me, I’m usually happy, superhappy