Zelda Merchandise – Toys, T-shirts and Figures

One of the most loved game series of all time, few games have got so much love as the Zelda games and it’s no wonder, the series hold some fantastic gaming experiences, so no wonder the gamers of the world want to take that fantastic feeling they get when they play their favorite Zelda game into the real world in the shape of Zelda Toys, Figures and T-shirts, because what better way is there to show your love for Zelda and Link then wear them on your clothes and having small miniatures of them laying around your house. Down in this post you can find T-shirt, Figures and Toys with mostly Link swinging his sword around. You can also find a few costumes if you want to dress up as Link, nothing for you cosplayers out there, instead think Halloween costumes.

There’s a lot of expensive merchandise for Zelda but I decided that won’t be my focus in this post, I will only show merchandise with a decent price tag on, so if your searching for collectibles and other super fancy merchandise I suggest you search elsewhere, that being said, the toys and t-shirt is not bad quality, it’s simply just another price range, it’s still fantastic items, especially the t-shirts if you ask me. Just don’t expect custom made/handmade high end Zelda Figures here.

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zelda merchandise

Fan made T-shirts

Link and Triforce T-shirts

As you can see there’s plenty of T-shirt with designs inspired from the epic world of Zelda, both funny, weird and beautiful t-shirt can be found. There’s huge variety of Triforce T-shirts, I love the Triforce symbol and I think it looks extremely good on a shirt or t-shirt, looks very graphic. I’m also very fond of the Link t-shirt with a bit of humor in them, loving the “click link”-t-shirt down below, pure fun!

You can click each of the thumbnails of these Zelda T-shirts to get to the store, where you can find out the price, more information and see better and bigger pictures of the print and the t-shirt itself, so browse around and see if you find anything you like.

Legend of Zelda Iphone & Ipod cases

Next are some pretty amazing Iphone and I pod cases inspired by Zelda’s adventures, they all comes in a variety of sizes and there’s cases for all the iphone models, for the new ones and the old. My personal favorite among these cases must be the second in the gallery below, the The Legend of Zelda: Mammal’s Mask by Teagan White, it’s the one where Link is a cute little fox, that hand drawn illustration is so darn cute and it looks perfect on a iphone. Many of these cases are also available as t-shirts, art prints and other merchandise, so make sure to click and check out the iphone case that you like even though you might not be looking for a case but you still love the design of it. All these can be found over at Society6.

Plastic fantastic Zelda Figures

Cheap Link figures and toys

Here are a few cute and heroic Zelda Link figures, the price is low for them all except for the figure where Link is riding the horse, that figure is quite big (17″ tall and 16″ long) and it’s also a limited edition hand painted figure made out of high-quality polystone, I wanted to include that figure because I think it’s such a fantastic figure, but it comes at a price, $399.99. Might not be what the average gamer would want to spend on merchandise but I know a few who would. The rest of the figures are much much cheaper and isn’t even near that price (around $10-$100) you can read more about all the Link figures by clicking the small pictures, then you’ll be redirected to the store where it’s being sold where you’ll find reviews, more information and bigger pictures of all the Zelda figures.

Trinkets, Pendants & Jewelry

A interview with an Zelda crafter

 Legend of Zelda Navi-inspired fairy necklace

HylianCrafts is a Etsy store that specializes in Zelda fan art, wonderful tiny creations that you can get for a cheap buck, I decided to do a quick interview with Keenan Bone over at HylianCrafts and here it is!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
Well, I’m a one-man company currently stationed in northeast Wisconsin. I’ve been doing this for just over a year and a half and it’s very rewarding, the fans of the Zelda series have been really good to me.

How does the process look like when you’re creating one of your creations?
I’ll typically sort the components of each necklace out and work on them piece by piece. If I’m working on a batch of fairy necklaces, I’ll cut a spool of chain to the appropriate lengths first, then piece together the pendants from its components, and when I have piles of both chain and pendants, I’ll put them together into one necklace. It makes things at least seem to go a little faster than simply making each one individually.

What are you currently working on right now?
I just finished restocking Deku Seed necklaces and keychains. They’ve been out of stock for a while, but my supplier finally restocked some of the pieces I needed. In the future, I was thinking about coming up with some more items from the Legend of Zelda franchise; maybe next I’ll make a hookshot charm next.

What motivated you to start creating art inspired by Zelda?
I’ve been in love with LoZ since I played The Wind Waker, but I got the idea when I was walking around a local hobby shop a couple years ago, and I saw a bunch of different beads and thought, “Hey, if I put these all together, it would probably look like Navi.” Since then, I’ve been looking for beads, charms, etc. to fit together and make more jewelry that resembles famous Zelda items.

What’s your favorite character in Zelda?Deku seed keychain
I’d have to go with Ganondorf. He just exudes this air of power and badassery and always has great dialogue. I guess I just have a soft spot for baddies.

What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you playing right now?
This is a tough one… Obviously, I love the Zelda games, especially Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, because why else would I have a store that’s exclusively Zelda stuff? But I also really love the Mass Effect series. All of them have great writing and breathtaking worlds to discover, which is what I look for in a video game.

Currently, I’ve been playing Fez, which also has a huge world ripe for exploration. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

Where can we find & buy your art?
Hylian Crafts’ wares can be found exclusively on Etsy here: www.etsy.com/shop/HylianCrafts
Also, I have a Facebook page where I post news and updates for sales and new items that can’t be found anywhere else. Said page can be found here: www.facebook.com/hyliancrafts


Zelda Toys for kids

Plushies, shields and Link Costumes

We all know we want to and now we can do it, cuddle with Link. Here’s a few very soft and cuddly Zelda toys stuffed with fluffy softness. These Link plushies are so darn cute if you ask me, just makes you want to squeeze em. These toys might not be as bad ass as the Zelda figure from above but they’re still great merchandise and perfect as a gift for a Zelda fan for example, worth every penny and they don’t cost that much either.

There’s also a few Zelda shield that comes in different sizes and material (from wood to plastic) worth checking out if you find them fancy, looks mighty fine as a decoration on the wall for example.

You can click these pictures for more information and to get redirected to the store it’s located at.

Zelda Merchandise Video

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