Valve announces SteamOS

The game company Valve announces today they will be launching their own operative system for PC, SteamOS, the system is based on Linux and will be fully optimize for gaming and play Steam games. The whole point of it all is that Valve wants to make it easier to play PC games in the living room, with the help of SteamOS (and Steambox) you’ll even be able to stream games from your PC to your media center/PC/TV via SteamOS, as of now we don’t really know all the details about this but we can expect nothing but great products from Valve so be prepared to be amazed. A huge plus is that the SteamOS will be free.

If that wasn’t enough Valve has two more news to realease this week, we know one of these news will be the Steambox, a PC console mashup that will make playing your PC/steam games easier and more convenient, we still don’t know a lot about the Steambox but expect more news about it in the upcoming months to come. There’s also a 3rd news to be announced, what that is we have no clue, so we can only speculate, Half-Life 3? Left 4 Dead 3? New features for Steam? A new haircut for Gaben? We’ll soon find out in the upcoming days.

Expect a release for SteamOS and SteamBox somewhere next year.


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