Uncharted Merchandise – Drake Figures, T-shirts & Other fancy stuff

We have before featured merchandise from one of Naughty Dog’s best selling games, The Last of Us, a list filled with fantastic gadgets and apparel that would make any Naughty Dog fan drool, but now it’s time for the Uncharted series with Drake in the forefront to show off what kind of merchandise they got to offer, and in this list I promise you some pretty fantastic Uncharted merchandise like art prints and posters, t-shirts made by hardcore fans of the game and also some Drake figures and toys for you to bask in his handsomeness.

Like all Merchandise list here on Foxygamer you can’t buy anything here, this is only a list of my favorite Uncharted merch online, so if you’re interested in anything on this list, just click any of the pictures to head over to the store that’s selling that item, there you can take a closer look and check out more details about it. Enough rambling from me now, it’s time to begin this list and we’ll start it off with some great Uncharted T-shirts feature the dashing Nathan Drake among others.

uncharted merchandise

Uncharted T-shirts featuring Nathan Drake

As you may see most Uncharted t-shirts are featuring in Nate in some way or another, which is no surprise, what would the Uncharted games be without Nathan really? Poop I tell you. My favorite among these t-shirts is probably the “I’m Really Sick of Climbing Stuff” t-shirt design where Drake is climbing the text itself, I love the Uncharted games with all my heart but sometimes I just feel like that, more climbing!? again!? Anyway, it’s a great looking t-shirt and would be something I could wear proudly.

Also a quick note, all these t-shirts below are made by fans all around the world, so by buying these you’re also supporting small-time artists who also love Uncharted.

Drake looking fantastic on Prints and Posters

This next category is split into two different products, there’s prints and there’s posters, the posters are the two last one in the gallery and they are posters with game art from Uncharted itself, these are you’re standard posters that you would expect to exists for most games, those can be bought over at Amazon (click any of the pictures to head over there for a better look and details of the posters) Then there’s the art prints, these are like the t-shirts above made by fans of the game over at Redbubble and Society6, which are community stores where people uploads their own designs and put the up for sale on prints and t-shirts among many things.

My favorite prints must be the “The Road to Shambala” made by Francesca B. over at Society6, this fantastically cartoonish print features the whole “cast” from Uncharted 2 in a nail biting scene where everything is falling and getting destroyed behind them (ala Uncharted style) The prints is also available as iphone/ipad cases or as Stationery Cards.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Figures

Last but not least we have some Drake figures. These figures come in the two categories of cheap and expensive, I don’t own any of these myself so I can say much about them, but my guess is that the cheap doesn’t have the same quality as the expensive one (duh?) But I really don’t know, my best advice would be to check out the reviews over at Amazon from past buyers, just click any of the images to head over there. All I really know is that these two figures looks fantastic and that most Uncharted fans would want to have one hanging around.

Uncharted Board game

Uncharted The Board Game

This might sound like a crazy spin-off with a board game with this franchises, and yeah, it is a bit crazy but if you read the reviews over at Amazon the game actually get pretty decent reviews, people are saying it’s a decent board game and that you can expect a good experience, but if you decide to get this, don’t expect it to be fantastic, that’s my advice. But as a true Uncharted fan I must say it’s pretty hard to resist this, it sure is a cool thing to have among your board games, can’t say I have many video game related board game.

You can find it over at Amazon over here, Uncharted: The Board Game


The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

uncharted 2 art

Next up we got a bunch of comics and art from the game, there’s the art of Uncharted 2 for example, a 272 pages long book filled with everything from drawings, concept art and sketches and a lot of stuff from the processes of making one of the greatest games ever (alert, alert, personal opinion!) If you’re a art lover, game maker or just digging the style and graphics of Uncharted 2 and want to know more about it and get some behind the scenes stuff, then this book might be something for you.

If you want to check it out you can find it here, The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


There’s also two comics based on the Uncharted universe, the first one is a comic book released by DC comics and written by Joshua Williamson. The second book is called Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth, and is written by  Christopher Golden and can be bought over at Amazon. Sadly I haven’t much to say about these books but if you want to learn more there’s plenty of info to check out, If you want to check out any of these comics just click any of the images down below and you will head over to the store that has them.


Thanks for checking this list out, if you have any suggestions of more merch then feel free to leave a comment in the section below. Cheers!

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