New Trailer for the next Eve Expansion: Eve Online: Rubicon

Few games is pumping out new and fresh content like Eve Online dose, Eve Online: Rubicon will be the 20th expansion for this MMO. One of the main features of the new expansion is a new system that is meant to help new players more easily learn how to play the game and maneuver the ships of Eve, this is a fantastic feature if you ask me, I been having trouble getting into Eve Online because there’s just so much you need to know, that’s one of the greatest features of Eve Online, the complexity of the game is really something unique when it comes to MMOs, but for new players that complexity is hard to conquer.

And as always with Eve Onlines expansions Rubicon is a free upgrade for everyone.

There’s of course plenty of other features that will be included in this expansion but I’ll let you to discover them yourself, some is shown in the new trailer for the expansion, so check it out down below.

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    EVE is one of those games I wish I liked.

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