Top 5 Reasons to be excited about Wildstar (Next-gen MMO)

Wildstar are what some people are calling the next generation of MMO-gaming, if you don’t know what MMOs are then this post might not be interesting for you, but a MMO or a MMORPG (Massive Online Multiplayer game) is a game with hundreds of players playing together or against each other in a huge world. And Wildstar is one of the latest and most lavish production we seen in the MMO-world for quite some time.

In Wildstar you will be able to choose your race and class, and then be dropped down on the world Nexus, where you will encounter “epic” adventures, exploring land and sea, fighting bosses and monsters. By my short and crappy description this might sounds like any MMO you can find out there, but here are my reasons why Wildstar might stand out in the MMO crowd.

Wildstar MMO

1. The Graphics style of Wildstar

I know this is a personal preference, but this is also a personal list, so bleh! The graphics and design of Wildstar is bright, fun and cartoonish, you can really see that the designers and creators of this game had fun when designing everything from monsters to landscape. The weapons, the landscape, the characters, everything looks refined and fun.

Some may say it looks like World of Warcraft, and I agree it has some similarities, but it’s also way way different. It’s not like WoW invented the cartoon influences in gaming, I would instead say that both Wildstar and WoW have a cartoonish feel too it, which I enjoy in both games.

2. Housing in Wildstar

In Wildstar you will be able to own your own house, this is nothing new in MMOs but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a nice feature. You will be able to buy a house and a plot of land, there you’ll be able to buy different furniture, paint the walls the way you like it and customize everything in a variety of ways. You will also be able to take things you found when you were out exploring and put them in your house, for example you might loot a item from a mob that you then place in your house, or you can take seeds from plants in the wild and plant them in your own garden and grow these plants in your garden.

Some may say this is just silly and it would be like playing Farmville in a MMO, and I can agree to that to some extent, first I don’t think bringing farmville features to a MMO is a bad idea, second, they’re not bringing Farmville into Wildstar. Why I’m excited about this feature is because this gives you your own spot in the game, where you can collect and see all the bad ass rewards you got in the game, or a place where you can just chill and water your plants (no idea if watering plants is a feature, let’s hope not). I would guess that your house will be a mix of a sort of advanced achievement system where you can see what you accomplished in Wildstar mixed with a “The Sims” like feeling of creating and decorating your own house.

You can check out this video about Wildstar housing if you want to know more.

3. Paths in WildStar

When you create your character you pick you can pick what path you want to take, a path is not the same as a class, you will be able to choose both path and class. A path is a way of customizing your experience in WildStar and telling the game what you like to do. There’s four different paths that you can choose, there’s the Solider, Explorer, Settler and Scientist. So for example if you pick the Solider path you can expect to see more fighting quests and more fighting challenges then if you would have picked any of the other paths, you will be able to unlock missions and quests all over Nexus that only the Solider path can unlock.

This is a great way of giving different players the experience they want, you can find out more in-depth what path means and what the different paths are all about in the official Path video for Wildstar.


4. WildStar seem to be about fun

Maybe a silly reasons but this is actually a big one for me, when I hear the developers talking about Wildstar they mention this all the time, that the choices they make and the feature they implemented into the game have to be fun. And this is of course only speculations but when I watch the videos with WildStar gameplay everything just breathes fun, the design is fun, the story is fun, the combat looks fun, the whole world looks fun. And in a time where games and especially MMOs are so damn dark and serious it’s really nice to see a fun looking and fun feeling game, this is of course something that can change once I get my hands on this game and actually play it.


5. WildStar PvP – Warplots

Warplots are a part of the PVP of Wildstar, it’s basically a big battleground where you can create your own fortress and battlefield. You will be able to customize a bunch of things like the terrain, walls, buildings and enemies that will defend your base. You will find different items and mobs out in the big world of Nexus that you can put into your Warplot, there’s even been talk that you will be able to put raid bosses that you defeated into your warplot and that they will help defend your warplot. Overall Warplots feels creative and new, and I’m sure it will make some exciting PVP.


Reasons NOT to be excited.

Reasons why this game might fail and disappoint a lot of gamers, the game is far from released or even into public beta, so we don’t really know, but we can speculate and that’s what we’re going to do.

It’s looks a lot like World of Warcraft

There’s a lot of the features and design that looks a lot like WoW. Some comparisons have been made with vanilla Wow And Wildstar. They even got a bunch of ex-Blizzard people that used to work with World of Warcraft, this can of course be a good thing if they create something new and fresh, but there’s always the risk of the game feeling too much like World of Warcraft, and we don’t want that for sure..

We have been disappointed before

The past few years we seen some incredible hype and some mega disappointed fans. People have claimed that this will change MMOs forever and that their new game will revolutionize everything in MMO gaming, and it’s not always that the games have been bad, it’s just that they couldn’t live up to the expectations of the fans and the hype that they self created. So I think it’s important to be careful when talking about a game who hasn’t been released yet, take everything with a grain of salt and be skeptical, and then you might not be as disappointed if it turned out that WildStar sucked hard, because you never know.

It might be/might not be free-to-play!

They haven’t announced what kind of payment model for WildStar will be. I’m sure the game would be great whatever payment model it will use, but I seen some pretty crappy pay-to-win games where the payment model ruined a game, but then again I also seen some great and creative payment models for MMOs that wasn’t subscription. It can go either way but for now we just don’t know how the payment system will affect the game or even what kind of payment system they will be using.


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