Top 5 Free Online Shooters (FPS, MMOFPS, MMOTPS)

Free-to-play games can sometimes be a bit tricky, some of them you need to buy items for real money in order to have a decent chance against other players, and some free games isn’t free at all, they’re more of a trial demo of a game. But that being said there’s some really good free online FPS available on the gaming market, and I’m going to list some of my personal favorites down below.

Each any every FPS on this game have a option of buying items/upgrades for real money. If that’s nothing you want to do then you can just ignore these shops and play the games for free.

5. Battlefield Play4Free

If you’re familiar with the Battlefield series then you should recolonize a lot of things from the past BF-games in this free-to-play version of the game. Battlefield Pla4Free  has been around since 2011, and is still a active game with updates and lots of people playing it each day. You can play this game with up to 32 players at once, and there’s a huge arsenal of guns that you can unlock. And it wouldn’t be true Battlefield game without the vehicles, there’s plenty of vehicles in this game, there’s helicopters, jeeps, trucks, tanks and fighter jets that you can do your killing in.

Play Battlefield Play4Free Over here

4. Tribes Ascend

Tribes Ascend is a fast and action filled first person shooter with a true old school feel to it. The whole game has a nice bright sci-fi look to it which makes the game look just fantastic, check out the video down below for a game play video filled with information about this great free to play FPS.

Play Tribes Ascend here


3. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online

This third person tactical shooter game has a round game match system where you face another team and where your teams tactic is important, you can’t just run in shooting every where, you need to know how to take cover and play it smart. There’s tons of high tech weapons that you can use in the game that gives players and teams a lot of different tactics to use in order to win a match. Worth checking out if you live the past Tom Clancy games.

Play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online here

2. Planetside 2

This MMOFPS (massive multiplayer online first person shooter) is truly one of it’s kind, the only game that’s even closely similar is Planetside 1. This free to play game is played on massive battlefield with hundreds of players online at one. There’s three factions that fight against each other on a huge area filled with bases and facilities that they need to capture in order to get bonuses for their faction. There’s several types of vehicles in this game, transportation vehicles, quick four-wheels bikes, several types of both air vehicles and tanks. Then there’s different classes that you can play,

  • The engineer, this class can repair vehicles, build turrets and give out ammo.
  • The Combat Medic, Heals and Revives their team mates
  • Infiltrator, can cloak and become invisible, also the sniper class.
  • Heavy Assault, have lots of armor and huge guns, machine gun and rocket launcher.
  • Light Assault, fast and light soldier with a jet pack
  • MAX, heavy armor suit that can take a lot of damage with great fire power. But is incredible slow.

Each class, gun and vehicle can be upgrade with a huge amount of upgrades, so that you can specialize your character to be good at certain things in-game. Like making the Medic heal faster, or get a zoom scope for the machine gun, there’s a lot of customization to do in this game, and a lot of fun to have on these huge battlefield.

Play Planetside 2 here

1. Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Valves hugely popular game Team Fortress 2 are a few years old now but it’s still incredible fun. There’s 9 classes to choose from in this game;

  • Medic – Heals the team
  • Heavy – Slow solider with a huge gun.
  • Soilder – Medium slow unit with a rocket launcher and a shovel
  • Spy – Sneaky class that can turn invisible and stab players, can also disguise to look like the enemy team
  • Engineer – can build sentry gun, that is a computer controlled killing machine.
  • Scout – a very fast class with a shotgun
  • Demoman – bomb throwing class
  • Pyro – class with a flamethrower

The game play of Team Fortress 2 is fast and fun, and team work really pays off in this game, each roll is good and certain things and good against certain classes which make team work important. There’s thousand of servers to play on with around 30,000-60,000 online players each night. There’s a huge variety of game mode in TF2 which keeps the game fresh and fun.

There’s also competitive leagues for TF2 for those who are interested to take this game to a new level.

 Play Team Fortress 2 For Free here

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