The Last of Us Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked (Video)

A lot of us are excited about Naughty Dogs latest game The Last of Us, who seems to a Uncharted game mixed with zombies, gore and a lot more darker setting, think Survival horror action instead of Indiana Jones. We all know Naughty Dog are amazing when it comes to singleplayer campaigns, the Uncharted games had a rich and compelling story, so there’s no doubt that The Last of Us will have a great story too (from what we seen from the trailers it looks promising too) But we know very little about the multiplayer part of the game so far, I can only talk for myself but I loved the multiplayer part of Uncharted, it was simple but very fun.

So what can we expect from The Last of Us when it comes to online play? What we do know is (and can be seen in the leaked video) is that there will be team death match mode, nothing original, but probably very very fun. Let’s just hope they come up with some other game mode that utualizing the amazing game mechanics that the game seem to have. Worst case scenarios for me would be if all the fun online mode are DLCs that you have to buy in order to get, there’s always a high risk of that happening with games nowadays, sadly.

What do you think? How do you want The Last of Us online gameplay to be like? Or what do you think Naughty Dog has come up with? Is Team Death Match all there is?

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