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Valves amazingly popular first person shooter Team Fortress 2 with it’s cartoonish and fun style sure is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise so realistic and stiff FPS game scene. All over the world players is loving TF2 not just for it’s game play but also for the design and style of the game, a true sign of the fans love of the style of the game is all the fan art, fan-made merchandise and videos that people have done just because they love this game.

And like most games nowadays, Team Fortress 2 also have a bunch of t-shirt, toys and merchandise that the fans can purchase to show off their love for the game in public. I’m going to show you some of my favorite tf2 merch that I love and want. I don’t own all these Team fortress 2 merchandise but I sure wish I did. Let’s start the list right now!

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Great looking Team Fortress 2 T-shirts

I start with some TF2 apparel and t-shirts, all the images down below can be bought as a t-shirt, you can click each image to see better pictures of the print, more info and where you can buy them. So go on, browse & look on these stunning TF2 t-shirts.

Redbubble & Society6 TF2 T-Shirts (made by fans for fans)

Redbubble and Society6 are both online communities of designers and artist that are uploading their art and designs to either Redbubble or Society6 so that people can buy their prints and designs on clothing and art prints, anyone can sign up and sell their print designs via these two sites which makes it all so fantastic. On Redbubble there’s plenty of t-shirt designs which are inspired by Team fortress 2, I included a few of my favorites in this list, and same goes for the t-shirts over at Society6. You can click the images to get a closer look of the prints and t-shirts. You can also find more Team Fortress 2 T-shirt on Redbubble by clicking here. Redbubble TF2 T-shirt Shop

J!nx Team Fortress T-shirt Store

Jinx is a online clothing and toy store with stuff inspired with gaming and nerd culture, they got a small TF2 t-shirt collection where they got the t-shirt you can see above. Click any of the images to go to their store and have a closer look at the t-shirts or maybe just browse around the other clothes and toys they have in their shop.

Figures & Action-Figure

Here are some great TF2 figures featuring the Solider, Sniper, Heavy, Pyro and the Demoman, there’s a variety of different figures with different quality and different price tags, some of these figures are made for playing with and the quality isn’t the best but the price tag will be lower also, there’s also a few of these that are really high quality and are perfect to have on your bookshelf or beside your computer, like the Solider for example, that one is a quality figure, but the price tag is quite high. Just click each picture to see some bigger and better pictures of the figures or if you just want to find out more about these TF2 figures.

Interview with CraftablesShop – Real size TF2 props

Etsy is a great place to find amazing fan made stuff, and I recently stumbled upon a shop that specializes in TF2 props, I just had to show them on my list so I decide to make a short interview them so that we can all see their awesomeness! (You can find a gallery of their props that are for sale at the bottom of the interview)

Spy Revolver

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your work.
We are Michael and Sarah from the Craftables Shop, and we create 3D printed props from Team Fortress 2. Michael founded Craftables last year and is responsible for running the 3D printer. Sarah joined the company a little later and is in charge of assembling and painting. We have grown immensely since we started and we’re currently the busiest we’ve ever been, thanks to the summer con season!

How does the process look like when you’re creating one of the sculptures?
There are about two dozen steps between start and finish, but here’s a rough outline. First, we choose a prop to print. Next, the raw model is found in the game files, scaled to be the proper dimensions, and modified to be printable. Then the model is printed in many pieces, assembled, and painted.

What are you currently working on?
We have a large variety of custom orders currently in the works, most notably two sniper rifles. Sarah is currently learning how to do resin casting, which would allow us to make copies of popular items much faster than we could print them.

What motivated you to create art inspired by Team Fortress 2?
Michael: I have always been interested in making movie props and replicas. I got into 3D printing while doing an internship and realized the technology would be perfect for making props from games. I love TF2, and things have been snowballing from there.
Sarah: I’ve always enjoyed small-detail work, and I love the art style of TF2 so Craftables was perfect for me! There’s such a huge library of weapons, so I’m always doing something new and exciting.

What’s your favorite class in TF2?
Michael: Engineer
Sarah: Medic

What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you guys playing right now?
Michael: I have spent over a thousand hours in-game for TF2, so that easily wins for me. I’m currently replaying STALKER: SOC.
Sarah: My favorite game is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Where can we find & buy your art?
Our shop is at www.etsy.com/shop/CraftablesShop. Don’t be afraid to send us a custom item request! You can also follow us at craftablesshop.tumblr.com and www.facebook.com/craftablesshop

Cute and cuddly Team Fortress 2 Toys & Plushies

This is probably my favorite type of Team Fortress 2 merchandise, because for example, who doesn’t want a inflatable ballonicorn!? Or who doesn’t need their plushie scout,pyro  bloody pigeon, pink ballonicorn and soft soft stickybomb when they go to sleep! Totally useful and amazing Team fortress 2 toys and much much more can be found over at The Valve official shop, plenty of merchandise to browse over there, there’s more t-shirts, iphone cases, plushies, poster among other thing. You can find the store over here. The Valve Store.

Posters & Art prints

Some of these posters and prints can be found on Amazon or Society6 and some can be found at the Valve Store also, so if you want to get one of these or just browse around some more fantastic TF2 posters you can head over their and enjoy all the pretty things over there. Just click any of the pictures to find out more. A side note, many of the products down under and in this list in general are available as a bunch of different products, for example the print design with Medic Oktoberfest that you can find down below is also available as a iphone case, pretty neat if you ask me, so even if you’re not looking for a TF2 poster it can be worth checking out all the art that you like anyway.

That’s it! I hope you found at least something fancy in this post, or that it at least was pleasant to browse around all these Team Fortress goodies. Anyway, see you in-game! In Valve we trust & Happy fragging!
TF2 merchandise

TF2 Merchandise Video

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