Terraria getting multiplayer for mobile version

If you haven’t played Terraria it can be described as a 2D sidescrolling Minecraft where you can explore a huge random world, build things and kill monsters and bosses. With more than 3 million copies being sold to PC it’s safe to say that this game has a huge dedicated fan base out there that loves this game, and I would say all Terraria Players will be happy about this new update for sure.

Both console and mobile versions have now been updated. On the console side, we find more new recipes and monsters, alongside regular patching and updating. If you’re playing Terraria on your mobile phone, you can now play the game with up to three friends, but it is worth noting that this applies to local multiplayer via Wi-Fi, not online. The update also removes a lot of bugs and adds a few new features to the game, the possibility of throwing items from your inventory for one. It’s overall a much needed updated for all the platforms and something many fans of the game has been looking forward to.


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