The Best Steam Trading Forums and Sites

Whether you’re looking to trade TF2 items or Steam game gifts you’re going to need a good trading forum or site in order to find people to trade with, trading servers for TF2 is another option but those tend to be very limited with only a handful of other players to trade with on the server you’re on, if you’re trading with the help of a site or trading forum on the other hand you can reach hundreds and maybe thousands of other traders extremely easy.

Using a trading site in order to find the best deals and find what you’re looking for when trading is a have to really. In this guide I will list some of the biggest and best Steam trading forums and sites that all traders should use, both beginners and veterans.


Steam Trading Forums

Reddit Steam Game Swap

Game Swap is a subreddit that’s all about trading Steam items with each other, you can either create a post saying what you want and what you can offer in return or you can browse the many existing listings on the site. There’s plenty of activity on the site with more then 20,000 members. Just make sure you read the rules and the guide for new users before you start posting here.

Reddit Steam Game Swap

SourceOP TF2 trading forum

SourceOP logo

This forum has a section that’s all about trading TF2 items, they got several sections like Buying and Selling, trading TF2 unusuals and general trading discussions. It’s for example one of the best places online if you want to buy super cheap TF2 keys for real money, but you need to be careful of course, like all places where there’s trading there’s also scamming, just use your common sense and aways be careful and you shouldn’t need to worry about that. There’s mostly TF2 items being traded here, also cash trading is very common too.

SourceOP Trading Forum

Steam Trades Forum

Steam Trades has a similar setup as Reddit’s game swap, you can either post what you want to trade or you can check out the trades that’s active right now on Steam Trades, everything from TF2 keys and Steam game gifts are being traded here, pretty much everything basically. A very active place filled with tons of traders, can be a bit messy to find what you’re looking for if your new to the site, but you’ll learn how to use this forum/listing site pretty fast.

Steam Trades Forums


Steam Trading Sites

Next up are Steam trading sites that works a bit different, they’re not forums, they’re instead more of listing site where you can create classified ads with what you want to trade. In order to use these types of sites you need to login with your Steam account, then these sites will see what’s in your inventory and you can then see your whole Steam inventory on these trading sites, and with a few clicks create listings and trades with the content of you inventory, very convenient if you ask me, I would recommend using these types of sites for trading over trading forums and trading servers any day.



tf2outpost logo

Don’t let the name fool you, TF2outpost is filled with trades related not only to Team Fortress 2, here you can trade pretty much everything in your inventory. The system this site uses is very convenient, you create listings that looks sort of like classified ads, you say what you want and what you’re willing to pay for it, then people can either comment on your trade or add you on Steam then trade you. Or you can use the site and search for the items you want, the site is for example great for finding cheap Steam games, just search for any game and you’ll find plenty of sellers offering those games (at very good prices) you’ll also get a good overview when searching for anything on the site, you can eaily compare prices and find the cheapest seller within a few minutes, a task that can be pretty time consuming if trading on a forum.

Go to TF2Outpost


bazaar logo

Bazaar is a trading site with a very similar setup as TF2Outpost, the only downside is that they don’t have as many users as TF2outpost, they still got a lot of members and a lot of trades going on on the site though. Bazaar might not have as many members but they make it up to us traders with having a ton of amazing feature;

One of my favorite feature on the site is the “Buy Now” feature, this feature works like this, you go to the site and creates a regular trading listing, you say what you want and you say what you’re offering, then a Bazaar trade bot will trade you and hold on to the items you want to trade, then anyone can trade with that bot and get your items in exchange for whatever items you’re looking for. When the trade is done you can just collect your items from the bot, it’s a great way of trading which requires almost no effort from your side.

Click here to go to Bazaar.tf

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