Alternatives to non-working Steam Key Generators

If you use Steam as your gaming platform you have probably seen these Steam generators on Youtube, forums, blog and Steam group. They claim that these softwares will give you the games you want for free and that all you need to do is to download a software and then just click a button, sounds too good to be true right? Well if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. These so called Steam key generators are either software filled with virus and key loggers just waiting to steal your steam account, or it’s just a way for someone to earn some money if you download this worthless piece of software.

Stay away from Steam key generators!

Most people know that they should stay away from key generators and that they’re nothing but a bunch of scams, but something it can be easy to be fooled. For example, you might seen a Youtube video that’s about one of these generators, you watch it and think “meh, might work” you then check the comments of the video and there’s a lot of very positive comments, looks legit right? EEEHH! No. What most people do that want you to download their key generator is that they buy or create their own comments on the video (creating a lot of Youtube account basically) and make them all positive, then they set the comment section so that all comments have to be approved by the video’s creator before they are published, a relatively easy way of getting only positive comments on a video, and gaining your trust that way.

I’m not going to ramble on more now, but the bottom line is that the Steam key generators doesn’t work and even if they did work they would get your Steam account banned in a instant.

Steam key generator

Legit Alternative methods of getting Free Steam games

So what’s this post about really? First and foremost it’s about me warning people about these fake and dangerous Steam generators that doesn’t even work. But I wanted to give something more then just a warning, I wanted to give a alternative to these scams and hacks, alternatives to Steam generators that actually work. I’m not talking about some magical software that will give you all the games in the world, I’m talking about slower and sometimes boring methods of getting Steam games and keys, might not be as appealing as all these generators but the methods I will show you might not be that fancy but they do work, and that’s what matters.

Steam Giveaways

If you’re lucky you can get free Steam games

There’s quite a few sites that do Steam giveaways, you either get a Steam key or gift if you win these giveaways. All the giveaways works a bit different but there’s a few things that are the same on all these sites,

  • It’s only or partly based on luck, you enter a giveaway and if you’re lucky you win.
  • You have a limited amount of points that either increase by the hour or some other way, each game giveaway cost a certain amount of points to enter.
  • These giveaways are 90% community driven, it’s the members of the site that creates the giveaways and gives out the free games to other members.
  • If you give Steam games to other and create your own giveaways on the sites you will get rewarded some way or another on the site, extra points or other bonuses.
  • The giveaway sites are free, it’s both free to register and free to enter giveaways. (but there’s common that there’s some way of buying extra points for real money if you want to, but it’s not necessary, and I wouldn’t recommend it)


Steam Giveaway Sites

Steamgifts – Raffles with Steam game gifts

steamgifts logo

The largest and most active Steam giveaway site, a lot of giveaways each and every day. Sometimes even game companys gives out games on the site. A lot of members though so it can be hard to win games when there’s a few hundred other people competing against you, still worth doing, just keep entering giveaways and you’ll win sooner or later. Registration is free but you need Steam games worth at least $100 in your game library on Steam, this is to prevent people from creating more then one account on the site and gaining a unfair advantage that way.

Conclusion, biggest and best site but hard to join for some.

Join here.

Playblink – Play and win games

playblink logo

Is a similar giveaway site with a twist, it’s not as big as Steamgifts but it’s still a big site with several giveaways ending each day. And the twist on Playblink is that on some giveaways you need to play a simple and basic game for 1 minute (think standard puzzle games, like bejeweled) if you get a good score in the game you’ll have a higher chances of winning the giveaway, this adds a bit of skill to it all, so it’s not just about luck, but they also have regular random giveaways were it’s all about luck. The site also rewards it’s user when you create your own giveaways, you get additional points and get access to enter certain Steam game giveaways for example.

Join here.

GameMiner – Win free Steam games

gameminer logo

GameMiner is yet another Steam giveaway site that’s all about luck, each hour you get a point that you can use to enter giveaways. You enter the giveaways for the games you want and then you just wait and see if you win. A lot of new giveaways each game so there’s plenty of opportunities to win. There’s premium giveaways that cost gold points, these gold points are obtained if you create game giveaways for certain popular games or you can buy these gold points for real money, wouldn’t recommend buying any points though. You need a invite code in order to join the site, leave a comment way down on this page and I will try and reply with a working invite to GameMiner, or you can just google “gameminer invite code” but maker sure to edit the google settings so that only recent search results pop up, otherwise you’ll only find a bunch of used and old GameMiner invite codes.

Join here.


Join a GPT site

Do surveys and other boring stuff and get rewarded for it

Steam Games

A GPT site (Get paid to) is a site where you do simple tasks like completing surveys and signing up for free offers and stuff like that, and for each and every task you do you get rewarded with either points or cash that you can exchange for any Steam game you want. It’s a simple concept that works but isn’t the most fun method of getting Steam games. This way of getting game works much better then the Steam giveaways, this method isn’t about luck it’s about how much time and effort you put into the site, if you complete a lot of surveys and task you will get rewarded for it, and the more you do the more cash and game you will get in the end.

The main problem with most people when join these kinds of sites is that they expect to be rich for doing this, and I can tell you this you won’t get rich from this, but what’s possible is to make a small extra income that can give you a bunch of free games each and every month, but it all depends on how much time and effort you put into these sites, it’s like many things in life, the more you work, the more you get rewarded.

I’m not saying these sites are the best, there’s quite a few crappy surveys and offers you should stay away from, and you should never hand out your email when doing surveys on these sites, instead create a new fresh email (like gmail or hotmail for example) and then use that email when doing surveys, great way of avoiding a inbox full of spam.

There’s a few GPT site you can join and get free Steam games from, here’s my personal top 3.

  • 1. Points2Shop, the best and one of the biggest GPT sites available, a lot of surveys, offers and other tasks to do. Great and helpful community that always helps new members to get started. Been a member for 2 years and got more games then I can play from this site, very recommended. Join here.
  • 2. PrizeRebel, also a huge site with a great amount of surveys and offers to do. Good active forum filled with guides and tutorials on getting started on the site. Easy to use interface making it easy for new members to get started on the site. Join here.
  • 3. CashCrate, not as good as the two other alternatives but still a great site for doing simple tasks and getting rewarded with cash that you can buy the Steam games you want with. Would only recommend it if you tried the two other sites already and want a alternative to them. Join here.

I hope this guide has helped you, or that it at least have made you stop downloading key generators, there’s alternatives that work out there worth giving a chance. If you have your own method of getting Steam games feel free to share them down below, if it’s a good method I will feature it in this post. Thanks for reading and I wish you luck in your hunt for Steam games.

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