Watch Sony dismantling a Playstation 4

Sony recently released a video where they completely takes apart the Playstation 4 in order to let us gamers see what’s inside of the latest machine from Sony. They show and explains all the components of the PS4, if you’re a tech geek you’ll love this video, it’s not that often you’ll see the inside of a console, especially not a brand new. This is part of Sony’s transparency campaign for the release of the PS4, which I completely love, they show us gamers exactly what we’re going to get, without hiding anything from us or releasing half-assed information.

That’s how all marketing campaigns should be if you ask me, honest to the consumers. But I guess Sony had it easy, all they had to do is do the opposite of what Microsoft has done with the release of XboxOne, Microsoft has really done a blunder with all there miss-information and mistakes.

Anyway, enough rabbling from me, if you want to check out the video where they takes a part the PS4 you can find it down below, enjoy.

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