Scan your face on Kinect Sports for Xbox One

Mircosoft has already confirmed that the Xbox one will come with the kinect motion and camera controls for all the Xbox One consoles, that announcements feels just better and better when features like this are being shown. In the new upcoming Kinect sports rivals for Xbox One you can actually scan your face into the Xbox one and make a avatar character that looks similar too you, the Kinect can scan everything from your shape of your face, hair style, skin color and a lot more, it works surprisingly well and it’s a great little feature that add some extra fun to the Kinect Sports games. You can find a video from Gamescom 2013 down below where they show this feature in action, and then they play some Kinect sports rock climbing with their newly created characters. A perfect feature for a casual party game if you ask me, looks like fun.

I’m getting more and more excited about the Xbox One in general, more and more features and specs are looking very promising for the Xbox One, to bad I’m a Playstation fan boy and will most likely get a PS4 instead.

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